z egloff

z egloff

There are so many lies about money, it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Like: Money is the root of all evil.

It’s actually attachment to money that causes behavior some might deem evil.

z egloff

z egloff

Or how about this one: Money doesn’t grow on trees.

If money doesn’t grow on trees, then what are those green things hanging off the branches?

z egloff

z egloff

Wait, what? Those aren’t really bills? Those are leaves?

Okay, maybe that one is true.

But when it comes to spirituality and money, there are tons of money lies.

We’ve all heard them. Powerful untruths like poverty is a virtue. Or that you can’t be spiritual and have money.

I had a little revelation recently about money that I wanted to share with you, one that busts all these myths.

I was taking my morning walk, luxuriating in my daily affirmative prayer practice.

My daily practice is a five-step process that starts with acknowledgement of the one energy and power that animates all life.

You can call it Spirit. You can call it the Quantum Field. You can call it Doris.

z egloff

z egloff

As I was acknowledging this one power, I was thinking about its qualities. Things like love. And peace. And harmony.

Because there is this one, unified power, there is ultimately one loving energy, one peaceful energy, etc. that animates all things.

One love. One peace. One harmony.

As I was contemplating this fact, I became aware that, because abundance is also a quality of this one energy, this means there is one abundance.

Just one.

z egloff

z egloff

This is big news. This is something worth considering.

This fact busts all those myths and lies we hear about spirituality and money.

There’s One Abundance.

That means we all have access to it. That means that tapping into the One Abundance doesn’t deplete anyone else’s abundance.

Yes, some people have more money than others, but that doesn’t add or take away from the One Abundance that is present in all things.

This truth means that, once we get over the myths and lies about spirituality and money, engaging in spiritual practice allows us to tap into more love, more peace and more abundance in our lives.

Abundance doesn’t just mean money. But money is part of what abundance means.

z egloff

z egloff

My experience during my morning walk was a visceral feeling of the One Abundance.

It’s everywhere.

This awareness allowed me to relax into the truth.

And it helped chip away at those pesky money lies that still like to camp out in my head.

So if you still get tripped up by money lies, remember Spirit/the Quantum Field/Doris.

Remember the big, fat abundance that’s available to all of us.

Hey, maybe if everyone in the world gets hip to the One Abundance thing, money really will start growing on trees.

z egloff

z egloff

How do you bust the money lie? Share your comments below!

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