photo: Sue on flickr

photo: Sue on flickr

If you’re anything like me, you believe in the power of affirmations.

You also find that sometimes it’s hard to do them.

You’re too tired. Or not in the mood. Or you think they’re not going to help that much anyway.

But if you’re anything like me, you also really want to do them.

You just want it to be easy. And efficient.

Which is why I would like to share with you – all the people who are like me – my latest technique for saying affirmations.

It involves the bathroom.

photo: Scott Feldstein on flickr

photo: Scott Feldstein on flickr

For those of you who are now saying, Ewwwwww. This isn’t going to be like a colon cleanse is it? Cuz I already tried that and it made a difference for, like, a week and then I didn’t notice a difference at all.

No, this does not involve enemas or suppositories or anything of the sort.

It simply involves a natural process we all do throughout the day. Long ago, someone came up with a numeric euphemism for this activity (two, to be exact) so it could be talked about in public places.

Like restaurants. And friend’s houses. And blog posts.

So check it out:

When it’s time to go to the bathroom, you say your affirmations.

That’s it.

That’s my sneaky little trick.

Thing is, we all have to go to the bathroom. It’s one of those groovy human things about us.

We also resist stuff that’s good for us. Also a groovy (and sometimes not so groovy) thing about us.

So why not combine these two human groovy things and give our consciousness a boost while we do so?

photo: Chelsea McNamara on flickr

photo: Chelsea McNamara on flickr

Maybe you’re not into the whole bathroom thing.

That’s okay. Potty training was hard and I understand that there still might be some residual issues there.

For those of you who want a sneaky affirmation trick that does not involve the bathroom, there are other options.

Like sitting at traffic lights.

photo: Bex Ross on flickr

photo: Bex Ross on flickr

Also something we frequently have to do. Also a great time to slip in a little consciousness boost.

Taking out the garbage is another favorite of mine.

Where we live, taking out the garbage means taking a one-minute walk to the dumpster that’s shared by our housing complex.

That’s a two whole minutes, there and back, of affirmative thinking.

Indeed, I actually enjoy  taking out the garbage now, because I always feel uplifted when I get back.

Bottom line, there are all kinds of small, often-mindless things we do throughout the day.

Why not imbue them with positivity?!

Why not make a trip to the bathroom, or the garbage can, the best part of our day?

Why not brighten up both the mindless activity and our minds in the process?

If you’re finding a good reason why not, then clearly this technique is not for you.

This technique is for the rest of you, those of you who are now saying:

You’re right! There is NO reason not to do this. I want to try! I want to make going to the bathroom and sitting in traffic lights the most amazing experience EVER! Bring it!

photo: jollyUK on flickr

photo: jollyUK on flickr

Have fun! And let me know how it’s going!

What sneaky ways have you come up with to do your affirmations? Share your comments below!

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