photo: Audrey on flickr

photo: Audrey on flickr

For those of you who have been following this blog for a while, you know it’s been through some changes lately.

A year ago, I started posting every other week.

Six months ago, Life in Z-D moved to OhMyGod Life.

And now, another big change is on the horizon.

This time, the change is due to a voice that visited me in the middle of the night.

There I was, sleeping away, when I was awakened by a voice. One that said,

You need to start cartooning.

What? Me?

I have a history of hearing a voice in my head, telling me to do strange things.

Like rap. And go to ministerial school.

Usually I argue with the voice.

I mean, when a voice in your head tells you to do something wacky, it only makes sense to engage in a lively debate before committing.

photo: Daniela Vladimirova on flickr

photo: Daniela Vladimirova on flickr

But interestingly enough, this time I didn’t argue.

Prior to my midnight revelation, I’d been feeling restless about this blog, knowing that it needed something different.

Or maybe it needed to end.

I wasn’t sure which.

So the minute I heard the cartoon suggestion, I knew it made sense.

Indeed, it was hard to get back to sleep because I was so excited about the idea.

The next day, I drew my first cartoon, scanned it in our printer and processed it in Photoshop.

z egloff

z egloff

Then I went online to find out how to add color.

z egloff

z egloff

It took several days to figure it all out. Color schemes. Scanner modes. File processing.

There were many steep learning curves. Lots of frustration.

But in the end, I figured it out.

z egloff

z egloff

So that’s the new Z-D.

Will I ever use photos again?

I have no idea.

I’ll wait to see what the voice in my head comes up with next. . . .

z egloff

z egloff

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