photo: Mike Licht on flickr

photo: Mike Licht on flickr

Yup, that’s right. You can read this post and you’re done.

No more posts about the Best Way to do this, or the Only Way to do that.

No more provocative teasers about how you have to Read. This. Right. Now!!!!!

All those posts are written with great authority, as though the person writing is the only person you need to listen to, and if you just follow what they say, everything is going to be great.

Or more than great.


Amazingly awesomely incredibly freakin’ WOW!

photo: Filippo Diotalevi on flickr

photo: Filippo Diotalevi on flickr

How do I know about these promises of perfection and WOW?

Because I’m making them right now.

I’m promising you that all you need to do is read this one blog post, and then you never need to read another one. Ever.

And while I will certainly write more blog posts, because that’s what I do, it’s also true that you only need to read this one.


Because no one else is an expert on you.

No one else has your answers.

You are your own authority.

Not me.

Not Blogger A, B or C.

Yes, there are lots of people out there – including me – who have all kinds of great tips on how to meditate, manifest, eat, and sleep.

But every piece of this information needs to be filtered through you – your mind, your heart, your intuition.

photo: Stefano Montagner on flickr

photo: Stefano Montagner on flickr

Every answer to every question you’ve ever had is already inside of you.

It’s also true that people need people. Indeed, people who have accepted that they need people are, indeed – as Babs said – the luckiest people in the world.

It’s hard to do this life gig alone, and that’s why we have blogs. And people like Melissa and I with tips and tools to make life better.

But it’s still your life.

And you’re the only one who knows what’s best for you.

Now, maybe you’re sitting there, shaking your head, saying:

But how do I access this supposedly Super Special Wisdom I’ve got inside of me? Cuz I’m not hearing it.

photo: Steven Depolo on flickr

photo: Steven Depolo on flickr

See, there’s no easy answer for that, because each person has their own unique way of accessing their inner wisdom.

For me, it’s meditation. And walks in nature. And affirmative prayer. And talking to my wife. And doing our gratitude and Magic 5 practice.

The cool thing about this life gig is that we’re each unique snowflakes, and anyone who says they’ve come up with THE way to do something is usually talking about what works for them.

What works for you?

That’s the question.

Maybe you already know. Or maybe you already know but you think you don’t know. Though you probably know more than you think you do.

Like when people try to give you advice and you think: That’s not it.

Maybe you don’t know what works for you yet, but you know what doesn’t.

And that’s a start.

That’s a big start.

That’s the beginning of you, listening to you.

photo: Dan Zen on flickr

photo: Dan Zen on flickr

My experience of listening to my intuition is that the more I listen, the easier it is to hear it.

So that’s my big advice.

You’ve got all the answers, and the more you listen for them, the better you’ll hear them.

If that sounds too trite, or too easy, that’s because it’s one thing to know you have all the answers inside of you.

It’s another thing to live from that place.

Which is another reason why this is the last blog post you need to read.

Because in order to know your truth, you have to do more than read blog posts.

You need to do the sometimes-wonderful, sometimes-excruciating work of finding your own way.

Your way.

No one can do it for you.

You are a unique, gorgeous, freaking amazing snowflake, and the more you own the work/play of discovering all your little snowflake nooks and crannies, the more the rest of us get to delight in them.

So thank you for doing this work/play.

It’s good for you. It’s good for all of us.

Cuz there’s nothing more fun than a bunch of unique, gorgeous snowflakes owning their own wisdom and shining forth in their magnificence.

Let the Snow Day begin!

photo: Luis Hernandez on flickr

photo: Luis Hernandez on flickr

How do you listen to your own truth? Share your comments below!

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