Did you know that you have two different versions of your life?

Well, you do.

One of these versions is wide and expansive. It’s big and badass.

If this version of your life was a balloon, it would be one of those beautiful hot air balloons that sail across the landscape, captivating the hearts and minds of everyone who sees it.


The other version of your life is teeny tiny.

If this version was a balloon, it would be a deflated left-over from a birthday party, coated with crumbs and dirt.


In any given moment, your life is either a badass balloon or a deflated one.

And you have the power to choose which balloon you want your life to be.

My Two-Balloon Theory of Life was inspired by the books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, by Michael Newton.

Mr. Newton is a hypnotherapist who helped people quit smoking and useful things like that. Then people under hypnosis started talking about past lives and all kinds of other weird stuff he didn’t believe in at all.

But his hypnotized clients kept talking about their past lives. Eventually, they started talking about where they go in between lifetimes.

Dr. Newton has since become an expert on the subject, compiling tons of interviews with clients under hypnosis about what happens after each lifetime – where we go, what we do, what it looks like on the “other side.”

The big takeaway from his work is that we’re way more than we think we are.

Our souls are big and mighty, like a gorgeous hot air balloon. And each lifetime is a chance to know that bigness and mightiness in human form.


In one of Newton’s cases, his client had become selfish and self-absorbed in her previous life. In looking back on that lifetime with her spirit guides, they reminded her of one brief incident in which she had showed care and compassion to another human.

Yes, most of that lifetime she had been self-absorbed, but the guides pointed out that, in a brief moment of compassion, she had made some serious, badass progress.

Indeed, it was the most important incident of that lifetime.


From the hot-air-balloon perspective of our lives, the most important questions in any lifetime are: When have you been loving? To yourself? To others? When have you been courageous? When have you shown strength?

Groovy questions like that.

And then there’s the deflated balloon option.

This is the version of our lives that’s based on the small stories we tell about ourselves. This version often has a victim theme.

When we look back on our life from the deflated-balloon version, we shrink our magnificent beings into a tiny narrative, ignoring all the other awesome things we’ve done and become.

We’re free to stick to that deflated narrative, but we don’t have to.

We can remember our magnificence. We can remember to fly.

And we can remember all the times we’ve already flown – by being loving, brave, compassionate – in this lifetime.


I would highly recommend reading Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls to help you with this remembrance. It’s radically changed my perspective on life. In a good way.

And it’s totally compatible with a change your thinking, change your life philosophy.

Even if you’re skeptical about past lives, check it out.

After all, the author was once a skeptic as well.

And if you’re not a reader, or you don’t have time, at least you can remember that you’re a big, badass hot air balloon, not a crummy deflated leftover.

So let your big beautiful balloon fly!


How do you relate to the Two-Balloon Theory of life? Share your comments below!

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