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What? You thought meditation would turn you into a holy, mellow, groovy person? Well, it will.

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But the gifts of meditation are vast and awesome. They never quit. And one of these gifts is the transformation of Regular You into Rock Star You.

Let’s be clear: To be a Rock Star, you don’t have to play an instrument. You don’t have to stand on stage and have rabid fans throw underpants at you – though you’re certainly welcome to do so!

To be a Rock Star, you simply need to be the most fabulous and fantastic version of yourself. That’s it. And if this is your goal, meditation can help you achieve it.

So buckle up, my friends, and let’s take a tour of your full potential.

Reason 1: Meditation Amplifies Your “Cool” Factor

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“Cool” people don’t let others define them. That’s what makes them cool.

You know the type. They orbit around their own axis. They don’t try to be anyone but themselves.

Meditation introduces you to your own internal landscape. Hello me, pleased to make your acquaintance!

Once you meet yourself in this way, you can’t help but orbit around your own axis. You can’t help but be the Rock Star you were born to be.

Reason 2: Meditation is Sexy

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Okay, “sexy” is probably not the first thing you think about when you hear the word “meditation,” but think again.

Say it with me: med-i-taaaaa-tion. Let it roll around your tongue. Say it slowly and languorously. Pout your lips.

That’s right, you’re getting it!

And it’s not just the word itself that’s sexy. It’s the activity.

Taking the time to meditate every day shows that you care about yourself. A lot. And I don’t care what anyone says, nothing’s sexier than someone who takes the time to nurture themselves.

Before you know it, others will want you to nurture them as well. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.

Why do you think Rock Stars have groupies? Start a regular meditation practice and you, too, will have groupies!

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Whether you want them or not!

Reason 3: Meditators Are in Charge

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Becoming a meditator means you’re willing to take time every day to devote to your practice. It takes a certain kind of take-charge attitude to do this.

One that says, I don’t care about my chores or my worries or my fatigue. I’m going to meditate. It’s a priority and it’s happening. Now.

Like a Rock Star commanding the stage, you allow your practice to command your life. This commitment and fearlessness, in turn, transforms you into a person who’s grounded in an extra-ordinary perspective. A perspective that allows you to see the Divine in yourself and everyone around you.

Rock Stars’ command of the stage causes people to worship them like Gods. Meditators’ command of our own lives allows us to see that we’re all Gods.

Now, that’s perspective.

Reason 4: Meditation Is Inclusive

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How many different kinds of Rock Stars are there?


There are teenage boy-bands, aging Sixties icons, World Beat crews. Pop, Punk, Blues, Rap, Heavy Metal.

Name a genre, there’s a Rock Star on hand to blast it to its fullest potential.

In the same way, there are oodles of meditation practices just waiting for Rock Star meditators like you to dive on in and fearlessly explore their outer limits.

Mindfulness, Mantra work, Contemplation, Devotional practices, Tantra, Chanting, Dhikr, Kundalini, Zen, Prayer Beads, Mandalas, Walking Meditation. The list goes on and on.

Being a meditator means being a part of a diverse and world-wide crew. All devoted to tapping into the Divine Stream of Existence.

Talk about sexy!

(Oh wait, that’s Reason Number Two. But if you’re a meditator, you know that everything is connected to everything else. So you’re cool with that.)

Reason 5: Meditators Have Good Rhythm

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Like a Rock Star drummer, meditation puts you in time with the beat of life.

You become more aware of your own internal rhythms, and in so doing, you have the capacity to sense the rhythms of those around you.

What does this look like?

You know when to speak. And when not to. You know when to reach out and offer help. And when not to.

Next thing you know, your entire life is one big jam fest. You’re groovin’ with the rhythms of the Infinite.

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And who doesn’t want that gig?

Reason 6: Meditators Are Expressive

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One of the most alluring things about Rock Stars is their ability to express themselves.

Not everyone can stand onstage in skin-tight, leopard-print tights and wail about a broken heart. Clearly, this is the beyond the realm of ordinary human expression.

But meditation can take you into this realm.

Once you’ve made the commitment to your practice and explored your inner depths, cultivated your sexy side and fine-tuned your Divine Rhythms, it’s only a matter of time before you’re sharing your deep, committed, sexy, finely-tuned self with the world!

Creativity and self-expression are a natural outgrowth of spiritual practice. The more you tap into the reality of the One Creative Source, the more this Source will express itself through you.

Naturally. Openly. Rock Starily.

Reason 7½: Buddha and Jesus and Mohammed Meditated and You Should Too

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This reason gets an extra half point because we’re talking about the Hall-of-Fame Rock Stars of the Spiritual World.

Buddha wasn’t twiddling his thumbs under the Boddhi Tree. Jesus wasn’t planning the menu of the Last Supper in the desert. And Mohammed wasn’t updating his Facebook status in the Cave of Hira.

They were meditating. They were taking the time to look within to find the Truth. The fact that they found It wasn’t a random, drive-by occurrence.

It was a natural outgrowth of their practice.

They were dedicated. They were inspired. And the more you meditate, the more you, too, will ascend to the spiritual heights of the Hall of Famers.

Plus you’ll be able to strut around in skin-tight leather pants like nobody’s business.

And who doesn’t want to do that?

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How has meditation helped you become the Rock Star you were born to be? Add you reasons to the list!


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