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Every day, people stop me on the street and say, “Z, what can being a goofball do for me?” They also ask me, “Do black holes snore?”

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And “If x + y equals 55, what’s z – 15?”

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But those are questions for another day.

Today we’re talking about goofballs. And given that I’m exhausted from the barrage of on-the-street inquiries, I thought I’d write a post about the unique, exclusive benefits of living life as a goofball.

Oh yes! The secrets of goofball-ism revealed!! Right here, people!!

Before we get started, you’re probably wondering why there are seven reasons that being a goofball is so incredibly awesome. Why seven
as opposed to a tidy, authoritative number like ten?

Indeed, there is a very good reason that there are only seven. Are you ready?

Because Snow White had Seven Dwarfs.

Yes, that is a goofball reason, but it is a reason nonetheless.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Reason Number One: Everyone Loves Goofballs

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How can you not love someone who is willing to slip on a banana peel while singing the Star Spangled Banner in Russian?

Wait, you’ve never seen that? Well, neither have I. But if I did, I’d love it.

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People love goofballs because they don’t take life seriously. The more you can adopt this je ne sais quoi, laissez-faire attitude toward life, the more you, too, will experience an endless stream of love coming your way. Love that is, ultimately, the only truth of life.

Living as a goofball will bring that truth more powerfully into your life.

Reason Number Two: Goofballs Can Laugh at Themselves

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Goofballs have healthy, robust senses of humor. When you adopt a goofball sense of humor as your own, you’ll find you have a much harder time hating yourself.

Sure, you’ll try, and sometimes you’ll succeed, but the more you can laugh at your human foibles and faux pas, the more aligned you’ll be with – you guessed it – Love.

Another advantage of humor is that it takes you outside of yourself, often in surprising ways. After all, humor is basically a surprise with a laugh attached. It’s about seeing things in a new and different context.

And if that’s not enlightenment, I don’t know what is.

Reason Number Three: Goofballs Have an Expanded Capacity to Love Others

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This reason is a piggyback to Reasons Number One and Two.

In other words, it jumped over the backs of Number One and Two and landed here. Here, in Number Three.

It’s a little breathless, and extremely excited about having made the two leaps, but it’s ready to talk. And here’s what it wants to tell you.

Let’s say you’re cultivating a goofball style. As such, you’ve got lots of love coming your way (Reason Number One) and you’re willing to laugh at yourself (Reason Number Two). Your capacity for being a receiver of love and a forgiver-of-self make you a prime candidate – a prime candidate! – for being more loving and forgiving of others.

Being a goofball allows you to see humor in the “faults” of others, just as you do in your own. Indeed, you can invite others to laugh with you, and in so doing, you pave both your roads with Goofball Gold.

(I’m not sure what that means, but does it matter? No! I’m a goofball!)

Bottom line: Jumping on board the Goofball Bandwagon makes you more loving all around.

The Goofball Bandwagon also entitles you to wear a stylin’ bandana and tight jeans, so get ready for that!

Reason Number Four: God is a Goofball

Don’t believe me? Check this out:

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And this.

photo: Rennett Stowe on flikr

And don’t forget this.

photo: West Chester Dumonts on flikr

Only a goofball would put a mustache on a monkey. I’m just sayin’.

The Divine Creative Intelligence gets it: Life is funny. When you get this too, you and that Intelligence become virtually inseparable.

Either that, or you’ll start looking like a Proboscis Monkey.

Either way, you’re good.

Reason Number Five: Goofballs Don’t Care What Other People Think

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Okay, maybe sometimes we do. But we’ve got our senses of humor. And a healthy sense of self-love and love for others.

So even when approval from others isn’t forthcoming, goofballs aren’t afraid to forge ahead in full goofball glory.

Indeed, goofballs are not afraid to venture into unclaimed, unexplored territory.

An example from history? Einstein.

Who but a goofball would turn physics on its head and revolutionize the way we see the Universe?

Just in case I haven’t made my point crystal clear, tackling unknown territory is what Spirit does. Boldly living our lives as goofballs is the same thing as boldly living our lives as extensions of Spirit.

And I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty cool.

Reason Number Six: Being a Goofball is Fun

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When you truly tap into the Goofball Groove, everything is a party.

Standing in line in the grocery store becomes an occasion to gaily chat up the person behind you. Or merrily check out the food items of the person in front of you. Or simply stand there, oozing goofball gusto.

Why do you think enlightened masters always have smiles on their faces?

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And it’s not because they had beans for lunch. Or maybe it is. Either way, they’re loving it.

Goofballs know the secret to life.

(So does James Taylor. He wrote a song about it. It goes like this: The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time. I guess that makes James Taylor a goofball. Don’t tell him, though. He might not know.)

Becoming a goofball gives you the opportunity to enjoy the passage of time. Once you’ve mastered that, you’re set for life.

Goofball life.

Reason Number Seven: The Fastest Route!!

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I can hear you now. You’ve read the previous six reasons and you’re still not convinced.

But Z, why is being a goofball the fastest route to enlightenment? I can see that it might get me there, but will it really get me there faster? I’m not so sure about that.

Check this out:

Neither am I!

That’s the fun of being a goofball! Nothing’s that serious.

Does becoming a goofball put you in alignment with Spirit, the Divine, the Big Wazoo in the Sky and the Earth and All the Galaxies?

Maybe. Maybe not. I’m not sure.

See, it doesn’t matter. Because we’ll all get there eventually.

And, paradoxically enough, this lack of attention to speed and progress makes you progress faster.

Get it?

Got it?


Now go forth and prosper! Spread your goofball charm! Start Living La Vida Goofballa!

photo: womanspirit sister

How has living life as a goofball served you? Add your own reasons to the list!


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