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OhMyGod! Life is dedicated to bringing you tools to activate a greater sense of joy in your life. If you and joy are already well-acquainted, our aim is to take you to the next level of joyful living.

Ultimately, we want everyone who frequents this site to live in a Bliss-cious Cycle of Expanding Awesomeness!

Not that you won’t experience challenges. We all do. But when challenges arise, we want you to have the resources to meet them with deep reserves of radical joy.

Q: Who are you and why are you so committed to joy? 

We’re Z and Meli, aka Melissa Phillippe and Z Egloff.

We’re both long-time students of consciousness and transformation. Both of us have experienced an increasing sense of happiness and well-being as a result of these studies.

Along the way, we’ve developed unique techniques and practices that have allowed us to grow and expand in a way that positively impacts us and those around us.

OhMyGod! Life is a way for us to share these techniques and practices with you.

But wait – there’s more!

We’re also artists – musicians and writers. This site is our home base for sharing our latest music and creative work with you. Plus it gives us a way to keep you updated on our latest out-in-the-world adventures.

So you can join us!

Q: Can you tell me more about Z and Meli?


What happens when a blogger/novelist marries a singer/songwriter … and they both become ministers? 

Z and Meli! That’s what!

The first product of our creative synergy is something we call Metaphysical Nerd Rap. A fusion of old-school Hip Hop and contemporary New Thought music, the aim of Metaphysical Nerd Rap is to connect you with your best self, the people around you, your greater community and Spirit.

We’ve been described as Jerry Lewis meets Bette Midler meets God. Our mission is to spread Joy, Peace and Positivity throughout the world – and we won’t stop till we’re done!

Q: Awesome! Melissa, tell me more about you! 

I’m a singer-songwriter, spiritual counselor and teacher with nine albums of original music in release. I’m also a Mentor of the Toltec Path personally trained by don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements.

My passion is to help people transform their thinking and their lives. My mission is to support people in awakening to the awareness of their own Divinity.

Hope and healing are the common threads running through my work. My history of trauma and drug addiction continues to inspire my journey, and my 25+ years of sobriety have provided a wellspring of awareness and compassion that I use in all my work.

In addition to all that good stuff, I’m a licensed minister with Centers for Spiritual Living and hold a Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies. In honor of my service in the music and healing arena, I was awarded an honorary doctorate from Centers for Spiritual Living in 2010.

Q: Z, you sure are wacky! What’s your story? 

I’m so glad you asked! I’m a writer, rapper, and speaker. I’m also the author of the spiritual humor blog, Life in Z-D: A Goofball’s Guide to Enlightenment

Before becoming a professional Goofball, I spent over a decade in the healing professions. I worked in a variety of venues, from counseling centers to case management with high-risk youth.

My career as a creative entity began with the publication of my novel Verge, in 2008. A second novel, Leap, was released in 2012. I was awarded the Bywater Prize for Fiction in 2008 and an Independent Publisher Book Award in 2014.

A few years into the fiction gig, my writing veered in a different direction. Spiritual work and music started to assert themselves into my practice, and I followed the lead.

The result? Ministerial studies, a spiritual humor blog and Metaphysical Nerd rap.

What’s next? God knows!

Like Melissa, I am a licensed minister with Centers for Spiritual Living and hold a Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies. I also hold a Masters Degree from J.F.K. University in Spiritual Counseling Psychology.

10 Fun Facts about Z and Meli:

1.  When Melissa was a kid, her idol was Janis Joplin. To insure that she grow up to be like her idol, she started singing and doing drugs at a young age. She finally realized she didn’t actually need to be just like Janis.

2.  Z is short for Betsy, which is short for Elizabeth. If you ever call her Betsy now, she will laugh at you.

3.  Melissa’s first band was called No Cheez Please. She didn’t come up with the name. To this day, she still has no idea what it means. Other than a lack of cheese. 

4.  Z didn’t get a driver’s license till she was 23. She was terrified of driving as a teenager, and it wasn’t until she ran a farm and learned to drive a tractor that she conquered her fear.

5.  Melissa has had a habit of naming her animals (both live and stuffed) by adding a Y to their names. Thus, a live hamster named Hammy, a live rabbit named Honey-Bunny, a stuffed elephant named Elly and a stuffed bear named Teddy. When she got a cast-iron dragon as a gift, Z insisted that they keep up the tradition. The dragon’s name is Draggy.

6.  Z can touch the tip of her nose with her tongue. When she was a kid, her next-door neighbor told her that this meant she was “delayed.”

7.  Melissa is afraid of swimming. This dates back to her childhood, when she almost drowned and was saved by her older sister Dyan. Melissa suspects that for the rest of their childhood, Dyan may have regretted her heroic actions.

8.   Z is left handed and is very proud of this fact. Bordering on arrogant.

9.   Melissa loves watching children’s movies. She is especially fond of Winnie the Pooh. Just thinking about Winnie the Pooh makes her smile uncontrollably.

10.  Z’s middle name is Hammer. Seriously.

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