This video, the All Day Appreciation Assault, is the first in a series called Joy Jams – Tips and Tunes to Satisfy Your Soul.

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In this premiere video, we share an awesome practice that will raise your appreciation to through-the-roof levels! (Or at least through-the ceiling. . . .)

As a companion to the All Day Appreciation Assault, I wanted to include this letter (and my response) from our friend Rachel DiPaola:

Hi Z and Meli!

Thanks for the great video! I love it.

I have a question for you about the Appreciation Assault (which I will be using today for sure). I’m wondering what the thought process is behind using the word Appreciate rather than Grateful? Don’t get me wrong, I like it! Did you consider Grateful and land on Appreciate? Is it an easier thing to accept for someone who is really feeling bad? Anyway – love your ministry and love you!!



Hi Rachel,

This is a great question!

There actually was some thought behind it. πŸ™‚

We are fans of the Abraham Hicks work, and they talk about the difference between the words appreciation and gratitude. The way they see it, gratitude carries a sense of relief from how bad things were and that they’re not anymore.

I don’t think I’m totally doing justice to the way they put it, and Melissa and I don’t totally agree with them, but we can also appreciate, so to speak, what they’re talking about.

Appreciation has a purity about it.

That said, Melissa and I both love the word gratitude and use it all the time.

And, thanks to Abraham Hicks, we love and appreciate the word appreciation as well.

Plus, appreciation worked really well with the alliterative All Day Appreciation Assault.

So that’s a long and complicated answer to your simple question. πŸ™‚




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