photo: Tax Credits on flickr

photo: Tax Credits on flickr

Dear Meli,

I am currently taking a class on prosperity consciousness. I have to say, I’m having a hard time with it! First of all, I know that everything is spiritual, which means that money is spiritual too. But it still seems wrong to me for money – or wanting money – to be a part of my spiritual practice. Also, if I’m following my spiritual path and getting in the flow of Spirit, won’t money just come on its own? I should also say one more thing: I don’t have a lot of money in my life. And I would like more, that’s why I’m taking the class. But I’m feeling conflicted about the whole thing. Help!

Conflicted in Concord


Dear Conflicted,

There seem to be some misguided rules in the culture of spiritual folks. I’ve found them in myself, and see them in friends and clients. For instance, the rule that says being poor is virtuous or pure, and wanting or having money is not. I used to ascribe to this kind of thinking, too. Coincidentally enough, I didn’t have much money either!

Huh. Go figure.

But now I have come to believe – and see – that the Universe is infinitely abundant. In fact, there is no limit to this source, whatever you might call It. And if this universal source is loving, as I believe it is, then how could receiving more of It be a bad thing?

This leads quite beautifully to the second part of your question: If you devote yourself to spirituality, getting fully in the flow, won’t money come on its own? Well, no. Not if you’re telling it not to come to you!

If you believe that only evil people, or selfish or greedy people, want money – and you don’t want to be one of those people – then you will push money away from you so that you won’t be evil, selfish or greedy.

One of my favorite affirmations is “I love money, and money loves me!” I used this to help myself get okay with wanting money. It has worked for me. It’s okay with me, today, that I love money. And I find that money seems to like me more too!

Another affirmation I use regularly is: “Money pours itself into my life with loving intention.” This always brings a picture to my mind of a bunch of money, pouring over me, kissing me on its way into my life. This sweet image has helped me allow money to come into my life and be a blessing.

Somewhere along the line, you bought (pun intended) the party-line: Wanting money is bad. But in our current world, this neutral substance we call money can equal freedom. And freedom is a beautiful quality of Spirit.

And Love Itself would want you to have greater freedom! How about you let yourself off the hook for wanting it too!?

Here’s to your freedom through abundance!


How have you learned to reconcile having money and being spiritual? Share your comments below!

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