Melissa and I have used a powerful guided meditation for years to transform our lives. One that can help heal any and all places-in-need-of-healing. Now we’re excited to bust it out and make it available to you. Read the post to find out more!


We’ve all been there.

We’re walking down the street. We’re having a good day.

The sun is shining. We’re feeling groovy. The birds are chirping and our favorite song is playing in our heads.

And then it happens.

We see someone walking toward us. As we pass them, we smile and say “Hello.”

After all, we feel awesome. And we want to share our Life-Is-Awesome vibe with this complete stranger.

But the stranger ain’t having it. The stranger scowls and looks away.


Suddenly you don’t feel so great anymore. Suddenly your day feels a little sucky.

Maybe you get pissed at them for being so grumpy. Or maybe you judge yourself for caring that they didn’t smile back.

Or maybe it doesn’t bother you at all.

If it doesn’t bother you at all, you have passed the scowl test!


You’re aware that their reaction has nothing to do with you.

For all you know, their cat just died. Or they just got fired. 

And for all you know, even though they didn’t smile back, your smile may still have uplifted their day.


One of the things I love about the scowl test is that it’s a good barometer for my beliefs.

Do I think the world is a mean, scary place? Or do I think it’s groovy and friendly?

And even if I pass the scowl test, there still might be other places where I project my crap places-in-need-of-healing onto others.

Which brings me to something exciting.

There are all kinds of great ways to heal the crap places-in-need-of-healing.

Therapy, prayer, meditation. You name it – if there’s crap places-in-need-of-healing, there’s a way to heal it.

And now, Melissa and I have added a technique to the mix!

It’s called OhMyGod Radical Transformation, and it’s a guided meditation program you can use to heal any and all places-in-need-of-healing.


Maybe it’s in the area of relationships. Or health. Or vocation. Or your spiritual practice.

Whatever it is, OhMyGod Radical Transformation will support you in changing your thinking, feelings, and experience about that area of your life.

The program includes a guided meditation in both audio and written form. Plus two chants written by Melissa that set up and anchor the guided meditation. Plus a User’s Guide and background materials in video, audio, and written form.

Everything you need to jumpstart your life into a whole new level of awesome!

Melissa and I have both used this meditation many times to transform our lives.

So we’re really excited to bust it out and make it available to you!

Whether it’s a failed Scowl Test, or simply an area-in-need-of-healing, OhMyGod Radical Transformation is a groovy way to . . .

Radically Transform!

Now that’s something to smile about!


Check out OhMyGod Radical Transformation HERE!

What’s your experience with the scowl test? Share your comments below!


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