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Archive | Life in Z-D

Life in Z-D

photo: Leland Francisco on flickr

My 5 Step Tango with God: How I Pray

What is prayer? What’s the best way to pray? What’s the most powerful method for developing an instant pipeline to the Universe, the Source of All? There isn’t one. I’m not saying that I don’t believe in prayer. I do. I’m just saying that there isn’t one right way to pray. That’s like saying there’s […]

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photo: Jonathan Day

Battling My Inner Task Master, Round 379

What do vacations and to-do lists have in common? Nothing. They have nothing in common. So why was my recent vacation dominated by one? Let me tell you. First of all, I’m not a fan of lists. I think they’re fascist. Actually, it’s not the lists themselves that are fascist. It’s what my mind does […]

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photo: William Warby on flikr

25 Random Things About Z

1. My middle name is Hammer. 2. When people find this out, they say, “No!” Then they say, “You’re kidding!” Then they start to laugh uncontrollably. I explain that it’s a last name, a family name. Still, they laugh. Personally, I like having a tool for a middle name. It comes in handy in a […]

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