photo: Waiting for the Word on flickr

photo: Waiting for the Word on flickr

 Dear Meli,

I’m writing you because I want to be more spiritual. I have friends who are into spiritual stuff and it seems to make them really happy. But I haven’t been able to get into it. It feels like I have to be fake, or be someone I’m not. Also, I’m really not into God. I was raised in a strict, religious home and the whole idea of someone or something that I’m supposed to be submissive to doesn’t work for me at all. And yet I feel like I’m missing out. Can I be spiritual if I hate God?

Questioning in Quebec


Dear Questioning,

Thank you so much for this rich and honest question.

Yes! You can be spiritual no matter how you feel about God!

I imagine that the “God” you hate is not the same God, or Divine Spirit, that I consider to be the love of my life. So many of us grew up hearing about a God that is punishing and harsh. When I was a kid, this God made me feel terrible and terrified! I think it’s healthy to avoid feeling terrible and terrified whenever possible! So good for you for avoiding feeling bad!

The Spirit (God) that I talk about is the power or causative energy that is the creative source of the Universe. All that exists is made of this One. So you are already filled with this Spirit!

Anything you can do to increase your awareness of this Spirit is going to support you in your happiness. This can take endless forms! For many, their favorite spiritual practice is walking in nature, where this power of Life is so evident. For others, they meditate, or practice yoga. Some sing. Others pray. I like all of these.

As you allow yourself to begin to explore this awareness, regardless of which activities you choose, you will become more and more aware of which activities work best for you. As you explore this territory, you’ll find things you don’t like at all. You’ll also find things you love. Always follow the direction of your happiness. This is your own Spirit guiding you to your personal path of divinity.

Over time, you may even come to realize that you love God. 🙂

Blessings and Love in All You Do,


What is your concept of God? How does this serve you? Or not? Share your comments below!

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