Photo: Med Coolman on flickr

Photo: Med Coolman on flickr

Dear Meli,

I am a really healthy eater. I do it because it makes me feel better, but also because I feel like it helps me spiritually. My best friend, however, doesn’t eat healthy at all. And, I have to admit, she’s also one of the most loving and spiritually connected people I know. When it comes to spirituality and spiritual practice, how important do you think food is?

Food Fanatic

Dear Fanatic,

Everyone has their own reality about how much food effects them spiritually. My wife and I both adhere to what many would say are extreme parameters around our food choices. We do this because for us, it makes a big difference to each of us. Eating the way I do makes me feel more open and connected with Spirit.

However, I know plenty of people for whom this seems to have no effect. At least, this is their experience. I have known, and heard of, spiritual masters who eat meat and sugar and such. I know, right?

While there are people who say we eat the fear of animals when we eat meat, or become completely un-present with sugar, I have observed that to be true with others sometimes, but not always.

I sometimes wish I could eat just anything and not have it alter my feeling of connectedness with the Divine. Alas, that is not my experience.

This is such a great question because it points directly to that old (very true) adage: To each their own. I mean, there are people who would say serving others is the most spiritual thing you can do. To these people, focusing on our own needs is less important. Maybe not the best example, but I know you can come with a million more.

Bottom line? I say that if you believe that the food you eat makes you feel better, then it does. And, no. I am not just being a smart-ass. It has been my experience!

I have had periods of time when I didn’t believe I could do well eating certain foods. Then, later, I’ve had the experience of deciding this was no longer the case and my body responded differently.

That said, I am a drug (and food) addict. Heck – maybe it could theoretically be possible to drink or use drugs again and not return to the life of hell I was in prior to becoming clean. But, to me, that is not worth testing the waters for.

You get to decide what is and isn’t true for you!

For me, I feel better about myself, as well as feeling more connected to Spirit, when I eat impeccably (by my definitions of impeccable).

I recommend the same for you!

Blessings and Love to you in all you do.

In Joy,


What is your experience with eating in a way that’s right for you? Share your comments below!

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