Dear Meli, 

It seems like people who are into consciousness sometimes make getting sick a failure. What’s your take on this? I have an illness that I have been living with for years now. Even though I still wish I didn’t have it, I have learned to adapt and find ways to live a fulfilling life. It bothers me when people insinuate that there must be something wrong with my consciousness if I still have this illness. I’ve lost friendships over this. Do you have any words of wisdom on this topic?

Shunned Survivor

Dear Survivor,

I’m SO sorry for this ugly aspect expressed by some of us in the movement of metaphysics. On behalf of all of us in the you-create-your-own-reality movement, let me apologize sincerely for the inhumane implication that you are to blame for your body’s illness.

I‘m hopeful that you have also had the experience of consciousness-folks being kind and compassionate? One can certainly dream of such a world.

What I believe is that we co-create our reality. I say co-create because we create our reality along with our soul, the Infinite Divine, and our own conscious and subconscious beliefs.

I also believe that everything that happens is for the highest good. But bear with me on this. I mean that what happens is for the highest good of our soul’s evolution. This does not mean that everything that happens is for the good of what our personality self, or our ego, wants. So we do indeed experience challenges or even tragic events, and we are not to blame.

How we respond to life is our responsibility. For instance, I have gotten better, through the years, at reacting to life in ways that lead to my greater happiness. This has coincided with my evolving consciousness. As I have loved myself more fully, and transformed my beliefs about being unworthy, life has gotten better and better for me.

But difficulties still happen. Life still happens!

Doing what we can to up-level our consciousness helps to up-level our lives. What I mean by this is that we do our spiritual practices and psychological healing work. As we do, we come to more and more deeply believe, consciously and unconsciously, in the Truth of our Divine nature. As we know this truth, we understand that we are worthy of great good. As we believe this, it shows up in life.

However, at the same time, our soul is continuing to invite even greater expansion. As deeply as we know our divinity, we can always experience our magnificence even more fully, The magnificence that we are is infinite. Some of the ways the soul invites this evolution could seem to be less than desirable. To blame yourself, or your consciousness, in such matters is just cruel.

I believe that our challenges are for the purpose of evolving our soul. Always.

In some circumstances, we are invited to evolve our consciousness and make our life better (including for our ego self). In other circumstances, we are given life challenges to grow around. An image comes to mind of the tree trunk growing beautifully around a big stone. The rock isn’t wrong for being there, and neither is the tree for having to grow around it. They can live together and be beautiful.

As we practice deep self-appreciation and unconditional self-love, we grow our soul. We evolve our consciousness.

Loving ourselves right where we are is key to all of this. And loving others right where they are is also a deep and beautiful spiritual practice, a skill worth mastering….one that those who have judged you for having an illness may be well-served to improve upon.

Please be gentle with your sweet self. And remember that whatever is going on in your life, you have always been doing your best.

Blessings and Love to you in all you do!

In Joy,





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