photo: Jessica Cross on flickr

photo: Jessica Cross on flickr

How do you get your inspiration?

By reading your favorite books or listening to your favorite music? By spending time in nature? Or does your inspiration come randomly, out of the blue?

Or maybe you think you’re the kind of person who doesn’t get inspired, someone who falls outside the bounds of creativity. For those people, I would remind you that we’re all creative beings by nature. We are all made of Divine substance, and we are continually creating our lives as emanations of the eternal life force – call it Spirit or the Universe or That Which Cannot Be Named.

So there.

But what about this muse business?

The word “muse” brings to mind a flowing, fairy-like person with ribbons in her hair and a tendency to speak in rhyme. She’s fickle and flaky and a bit pretentious. If she ordered a drink from Starbuck’s, it would be a Venti Double Soy Caramel Macciato, and she’d send it back because she’s sure you used milk instead of soy.

cuppa cuppa

In other words, she’s flighty. You can’t depend on her.

When I first started writing fiction, this was how I saw my muse. I was thirty-nine years old when the writing bug hit me, and my inspiration often felt as random and fickle as a Macciato-guzzling fairy.

I was continually worrying that my ideas were going to dry up, or that I was going to suddenly tire of writing. It was an angsty time in my life. In fact, you could say that in many ways I resembled our flaky caffeine-addict friend. I was fickle and unpredictable in how I responded to the creative energy flowing through me.

Until I had an idea.

One day, before I started my morning writing session, I closed my eyes and asked for Help. Specifically, I asked my angels and spirit guides to guide me in my writing for the day. Then I thanked them, opened my eyes, and started writing.

photo: Ofek Sitbon on flickr

photo: Ofek Sitbon on flickr

If at any point I became stuck, or felt at a loss about what direction to take, I would close my eyes and ask for Help again.

This simple practice totally changed how I felt about my writing.

For one thing, it reminded me that my inspiration and ideas can never “dry up.” I am one with a Creative Source that never ends.

It also reminded me to ask for Help in every area of my life. Help is always there, I just have to remember to open up to it.

photo: Beshef on flickr

photo: Beshef on flickr

This practice also humbled me. Yes, it is my name on the books I’ve written and on the top of this blog. But it’s not just me who’s doing the writing.

I’m not alone when I write, and the more I acknowledge this, the richer my creative process becomes.

In fact, I would venture to say it wasn’t “my” idea to start the practice of asking for Help in the first place. It was a nudge from those creative helpers, encouraging me to play with them.

Some of you are probably rolling your eyes about now. Ask my angels for help?! Isn’t that a little too 18th century?!

angel in the sky

To those folks, I would say that creative help can come in many forms. You can ask for assistance in number of ways – opening to the help available from loved ones who have passed, for example. Or your Higher Power in general, without getting into specific entities.

Whatever works for you is what works!

And for those of you who still think you’re not creative, here’s a thought:

Ask for Help in discovering in your creativity. Ask the Divine to introduce you to your muse.

Unless she comes with a Venti Double Soy Caramel Macciato.

In that case, you might want to ask again.

drunk muse

How do you relate to your muse? Where do you get your inspiration?

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