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Imagine the audience at your next conference, workshop or service…

  • Up on their feet!
  • Moving and participating!
  • Laughing and having fun!
  • Feeling joy and powerful emotion!
  • Resonating at a deep level with your message or theme!

That’s what Z Egloff and Melissa Phillippe – known as Z + Meli – deliver.

Book Z + Meli to rap, sing and/or speak and bring your next event alive!  Contact us here or call us at 707-321-6865. Download Z + Meli’s Bios and Head Shots.

“Z + Meli bring it – every time. Working with them is a blast! They rock the house for all ages. Everyone feels it!”

Laura Cash Helgren, Inner Light

How it all began…

Two years ago, as seasoned musicians studying to become New Thought ministers, Z and Melissa were looking for a vehicle for their new ministry. They wanted to help others experience the same increasing feelings of happiness and well-being that they were.

Then, one day in class, Z heard a message to write a rap.

At first, her mind did what our minds often do when faced with bringing something new into form. It tried to convince her that writing a rap was a crazy idea. And even if wasn’t, her mind argued, she wasn’t the one to do it.

But it was too late. The rap was already writing itself inside Z’s head. And the very next day, Melissa started writing and recording the music for it.

That’s how Metaphysical Nerd Rap was born.

Inspiring and Uplifting Your Audience

Funny, deep, zany, wise and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, Metaphysical Nerd Rap is a fusion of old-school Hip Hop and contemporary New Thought music. It contagiously connects audiences — of all ages and walks of life – with their best selves, the people around them, their greater community and Spirit.

Rap is by no means all Z + Meli offer.

They also perform inspirational music – much of it from Melissa’s decades-long catalog of nationally acclaimed songs and chants – and both are inspiring and entertaining speakers.

“Melissa and Z are a dynamic, professional and creative duo. Our community loves them, and they inspire us greatly.”    

Edward Viljoen, author of “The Power of Meditation”

Long-time students of consciousness and transformation, Z and Melissa have developed unique techniques and practices over the years that have allowed them to grow and expand in a way that positively impacts themselves and those around them.

This informs everything they do – whether it’s rapping, performing or speaking.

Melissa’s chops: A professional singer-songwriter-performer with 14 albums of original songs, chants and meditations in release, Melissa has opened for artists like Jerry Garcia, Kenny Loggins and Jesse Colin Young. She has performed her music and delivered inspirational talks, workshops and retreats throughout the world – from California to the Ukraine.

Licensed as a minister with Centers for Spiritual Living in 2014, Melissa is also a long-time Mentor of the Toltec Path personally trained by don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements.

“Looking for a spiritual good time? Whether it’s uplifting music, an inspirational talk, or a dynamic concert, Z and Melissa deliver.”

David Bruner, Center for Spiritual Living San Jose, CA

Z’s chops: A writer, rapper, speaker and Professional Goofball, Z is the author of the popular spiritual humor blog, Life in Z-D: A Goofball’s Guide to Enlightenment (now on this site!). Before that, she spent over a decade in the healing professions – working in counseling centers and doing case management with high-risk youth. She is also a classically trained pianist (with a repertoire of jazz and blues stylings!).

Licensed as a minister with Centers for Spiritual Living in 2014, Z also has a Masters Degree in Spiritual Counseling Psychology and is an award-winning fiction writer with two published novels.

We tailor our performances/presentations to fit your needs

We offer several modalities and will combine them to meet your needs – talks, audience-interactive music and exercises. We also carefully tailor our presentations to fit each audience – adults and/or kids, secular audiences and/or spiritual groups or a mix of the above.

“Not only are Meli and Z a guaranteed hit with our hip, young audience, they are also 100% professional and easy to work with”

Linda Reppond, Launching Pad

Let us know your goals and needs here [link to form], and we will work with you to provide the optimal presentation for your company, program, or organization.

Book Z + Meli to rap, sing and/or speak and bring your next event alive!  Contact us here or call us at 707-321-6865. Download Z + Meli’s Bios and Head Shots.

Here is a sample of our most-requested presentations

Got Gratitude? 

These days, it seems like everyone – from Fortune 500 CEOs to spiritual seekers – is talking about the life-changing power of gratitude. The problem is, it’s easier said than done. We will show your group or audience how to:

  • Achieve an attitude of gratitude that’s heartfelt, not fake,
  • Be grateful even when times are hard,
  • Practice our super-special method for using gratitude to open to future good.

This presentation will give your audience all they need to change their lives forever though the power of gratitude!

“Melissa and Z weave together music and message in a way that opens your heart, makes you laugh and leaves you saying, Oh my god, life is good!

Claire Victor, Director, One Heart Choir

Pie in the Sky: Creating Abundance 

When it comes to abundance, we all worry: are we getting our fair share of the pie? We will liberate your group or audience from their old limiting ways of thinking about prosperity.

We’ll share with them new more life-affirming models of money and abundance. Then we’ll teach how to put these into play so they can enrich and enliven every area of their lives. By the end of this presentation, everyone will know that they can have their pie and eat it, too!

Where Is the Love? 

Getting along with others is the key to success in every area of life. But when we try to do it out of a sense of obligation, it’s often not effective. So how do we learn to genuinely care for others? We will show your group or audience how to:

  • open to new, more powerful ways for cultivating compassion,
  • honor and voice hidden beliefs and emotions that block love,
  • actively create the kinds of work and love relationships they want.

In life and in work, It’s never too late to step into love. This presentation will give your audience the insight and the tools to do that.

“Through incredible music and lyrics, Z and Melissa bring you into new ways of thinking and feeling Spirit everywhere!”

Kim Kaiser, Holmes Institute

Now Is the Time

If we can’t be present in the moment, we can’t think clearly. We can’t access the power of our intuition, our creativity, our enthusiasm, our love. The more we can be present to the current moment, the more we can fully live.

We will teach your group or audience powerful techniques that will help them:

  • Access the potency of the present moment – and have fun doing it!
  • Let go of the past and come more fully into the present,
  • Use the now moment to open to a brighter and more productive future.

This presentation will help your audience harness the prodigious Power of Now in their lives. Now is the time – let’s get started! 

Book Z + Meli to rap, sing and/or speak and bring your next event alive!  Contact us here or call us at 707-321-6865. Download Z + Meli’s Bios and Head Shots.

“Melissa and Z are a Music Director’s dream. They are professional, warm and wonderful to work with, and they have a wide range of material.”

Chris Fritzsche, Music Director for Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, CA



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