photo: Edoardo Costo on flickr

photo: Edoardo Costo on flickr

Dear Meli,

You know how they say to follow your bliss? But what about paying your rent? I have a job that I don’t like very much. But it pays really well. Also, I’m not sure what else I’d want to do. But I know that I don’t feel fulfilled. The more I do my spiritual practice, the less I like my job. Help!

Confused in Colorado


Dear Confused,

I have a short answer to this, but I’ll go on from there so as not to be trite.

The short answer is: Continue to do your spiritual practice.

Now for the longer answer:

The increasing discontent with your job as you deepen your spiritual practice is probably divine discontent.

What I mean is that it’s likely that Spirit or your Higher Self (or whatever you call that One Thing) has something better for you, and it’s on its way to you. If you weren’t noticing unhappiness where you are, you might not be willing to go anywhere else – physically or metaphorically.

Another note: I know many people who find their deep fulfillment in places other than their work. I have friends for whom the most important aspect of their lives is the time they spend with friends and family. Their work is only an end…allowing them time with their people. I know others who find their greatest fulfillment in hobbies. Their work allows them to do those hobbies.

I think some spiritual cultures imply that we have to do our greatest joy as our career. I think that’s fabulous, of course, if that’s what your life is doing. But if not, I recommend trusting that the universe is doing your life on purpose, and know that a deeper purpose is unfolding.

The very best ways I know to support greater purpose in unfolding are:

1) to participate in spiritual practices that resonate for you, and

2) follow your bliss (my apologies for the cliché)

As you continue your spiritual connection, you might find yourself discovering new people or things you want to spend your time with. Or you might come to hate your job and quit – and then find yourself in a job you are impassioned by.

My work is my greatest passion. I am grateful this is true! But if it weren’t my path to find my greatest fulfillment in my work,  I might be out surfing or painting.

In my years of devoted spiritual practice, I have come to let go of some things and increase others. I get happier and happier as I follow the path of my inner guidance (also known as following my bliss).

The main thing I find that helps me in all of this evolution is trusting. For me, this trusting is a form of spiritual practice. Trusting myself. Trusting my likes. Trusting Spirit’s timing.

Z and I also teach a class about purpose. It will be available on our website some time in this next year. If that calls to you, perhaps that is exactly the thing for you.

But regardless of what calls to you, I suggest you trust that. 🙂

I wish you great joy in all things! May you find that blissful path, whether or not it shows up as your career.

Blessings and love to you in all areas of life,


What’s the connection between your job and your bliss? Share your comments below!

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