photo: pictures of money on flickr

photo: pictures of money on flickr

Dear Meli,

My life is really good. I have a great partner. I have a job I like. I have a great relationship with my grown kids. There’s only one part of my life that isn’t totally great. And that’s my relationship with money. Sometimes I spend more than I have. Sometimes I get scared that I’m never going to have enough money. Sometimes I feel really bad about myself for not being more together about money. Like I said, every other area of my life is great and I feel good about myself most of the time. But when I slip into feeling really bad, it’s almost always about money. Any ideas?

Messed Up About Money


Dear Messed Up,

Living life consciously is a great game…one with many rewards. Those of us who live this way have our pet areas – the facets of our thinking and beliefs that we’re working at any given time.

As we are successful in shifting our beliefs in one area, another area might rise to the surface. It is time for that new area of life to be a greater expression of the infinite good.

I, too, used to have this experience with money. As I explored the beliefs beneath (or behind) this experience, I found a core driver: “I don’t deserve everything. The good I should have is limited.”

Our experience is a reflection of underlying beliefs. Discovering what the beliefs are is really simple. We just look at our experience. Our experience points directly to what we think that area of our life “should be.” I don’t mean consciously, but subconsciously.

I know. This is sort of the good news and the bad news. Cuz, well, then what?

Then, we go about shifting the beliefs we have stored away in our subconscious mind. There are many practices to help to shift this.

And there’s a key: they take patience.

Keep in mind that your subconscious wasn’t created in a brief time…more like years and years. So stay the course, even when it seems like things might be stuck. They aren’t!

Here are just some options of things to do to support the shift:

1. Affirmations

I love affirmations. They support my conscious mind in reprogramming the subconscious mind. And, in the meantime, they help me feel good.

2. Awareness

Another huge key is that of bringing greater awareness to your thinking throughout your day. This is where you get to watch your subconscious mind – see what it’s up to. And this is where meditation comes in…

3. Meditation

It is through a regular meditation practice that I find myself more able to watch my mind, and see its silly meanderings. Some of the silly meanderings are quite revealing! This can be entertaining, and life-changing!

4. Other Modalities

There are lots of other modalities that help us to re-program the subconscious beliefs quickly. These include guided meditations, subliminal recordings, and other healing arts called energy psychology

(including NLP, Family Constellations, Body Talk, EFT, EMDR, & PSYCH-K.)

I have had great success using many of these modalities. In fact, there is one particular meditation that has been especially life-changing for me!

5. OhMyGod Radical Transformation

I have completely changed many experiences in my life using this. And it just became available on our website, as a downloadable class! The class includes the very guided meditation that I use. In addition, there is lots of supplemental material, including an hour of instructional/educational video which explains how this works. Check it out HERE.

You CAN change your experience with money! You are not stuck, even when it feels like it, as long as you are working to shift your subconscious beliefs! Play with different modalities until you find the one(s) that seem most right for you, and you will continue to find that life gets better and better.

May your path, as well as your life, be filled with an abundance of good in every form.

Love and Blessings,


What’s your experience with changing your consciousness about money? Share your comments below!

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