Remember the first time you realized the Divine was real?

For me, it was like the Wizard of Oz, where everything suddenly shifted from black-and-white to Technicolor. Plus there was singing. And flying monkeys.

(What? Your spiritual realization didn’t involve flying monkeys?)


Realizing the Divine was real was like falling in love, only this time I was falling in love with Something bigger than any one person.

It was every person.

And everything.

And me.

And the whole freakin’ Universe.


It was an amazing time.

And then it changed.

It didn’t happen right away, but it did happen.

What used to feel so magical started to feel ordinary. Boring, even.


Incredible synchronicities would happen and I would take them for granted. Grace-filled moments would appear and I would yawn. Or get annoyed.

It was just like when the honeymoon is over in a romantic relationship, and suddenly you can’t stand to hear the sound of your partner chewing.

Now I didn’t want to hear the Divine chewing.


I used to want to spend all my time meditating and praying and reading spiritually-themed books. Then, over time, those things started to hold less appeal.

I felt like I barely cared about all that stuff.

Some people call this a Dark Night of the Soul.


For me, it was more like apathy. I knew that I still believed. I knew that the Divine was still a central part of my life.

But it was like that central part of my life had moved off to a desert somewhere and was living in a little hut, and I had absolutely no desire to trek across all that hot sand to reclaim my Beloved.


So what happened?

Eventually I got lonely. I missed my Friend.

So I did what everyone does when their relationship has become stale.

I did what I needed to do to revive it.

I started reading spiritual books again. I checked out different spiritual communities and started attending one of them. I learned new practices that helped me revive my connection with the Divine.

And I began to realize that the Divine hadn’t hiked off into the desert.

I had.


The Divine didn’t turn away from me, I turned away from It.

Yes, I still get annoyed at the way It chews from time to time. It’s like any relationship.

And, like any relationship, it takes work. Commitment from both parties.

In this case, the Divine’s commitment is unwavering. Everlasting. I’ve seen that time and time again.

It’s my commitment that needs a little bolstering up from time to time.

But it’s totally worth it.


How did you survive the end of the spiritual honeymoon? Share your comments below!

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