photo: Alex on flickr

photo: Alex on flickr

Dear Meli,

When I first started doing affirmations and visualizing, I had great luck. Everything I imagined came to me – friends, a great job, good health. But lately – everything has been falling apart. I’m still doing the affirmations and visualization, but now it’s not working anymore. What gives?

Spiritually Stuck


Dear Stuck,

I find this to be a common experience. For me, there were a few explanations:

1. I got used to a more awesome life.

When I first started to be more aware of my consciousness (or, as some would say, vibration), I noticed a radical shift in my life. I knew to look for and expect better things, and I found them!

As I got accustomed to living at that higher plane, I got stuck there for a bit. Now I can see that this continued – getting committed to a new, higher level and then resting there for a bit.

This is a decent description of my experience, but not technically what I think is happening. We never stagnate. But it does appear that the external world changes in waves sometimes.

2. Confirm that you are deeply feeling the affirmations and visualizations when you practice them.

I admit it. I have sometimes found myself just bumbling through the motions – saying the words, picturing a new life, without connecting my emotions with it.

The more you feel it, you more quickly you draw the new level of good to you! Be sure you are deeply grateful for the new good now, feeling it as your present experience realized, during your practice.

3. Sometimes I bump up against a new level of being because that new level of being lies on the other side of big letting go.

I’m sorry to say I’ve experienced this many times. I am in the midst of this myself now.

The Universe seems to be clearly inviting me to let go of a few things – experiences and people – that I had grown attached to. I don’t want to let them go! But I can see that the divine is clearly guiding me in this direction. And I trust the divine.

So I am letting go but allowing myself to feel all the rich fullness of my feelings. It doesn’t feel very good sometimes, in this phase.

Thankfully, after watching myself and many clients go through such times, over and over, I do have at least a mental level of trust.

On the other side of letting go, there is something even better. I am not saying this makes it easy, but the information does make it a little bit easier.

4. The affirmations and visualizations are working within you.

Your next greater good is working itself out within you first. This is very likely! (This has to happen. It’s just that sometimes this phase can take a bit longer than we’d like.)

I feel safe in assuming that, when I am doing my consistent spiritual practice and growing in self-love but things seem stagnant, I should hang on for a great ride just ahead!

So hold on, dear one. Keep up the wonderful work!

It has to show up in the external world eventually. That’s how it works.

Meanwhile, this might be a fabulous time to practice trust.

Blessings and Love to you in all you do,


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