In the first post of this series, we covered the first step of making Super-Amazing-Incredible Affirmations:

Composition. (If you missed it, you can check it out here [link].)

Now that we have our Super-Amazing-Incredible affirmation, there’s another key component to its structure.

That component leads us to the second area of this series:



Believability is key. It’s what separates the Awesome Affirmers from the Negative Nellies.

To assess how believable an affirmation is, be aware of how you feel when you’re doing your affirmation.

You want your affirmations to evoke strong, powerful feelings.

But if you don’t believe what you’re saying, those feelings can’t come along with you.

Or they can, but it’s a rough ride.


Here’s an example:

Let’s say your affirmation is My life is more amazing than I ever would have imagined.

(I am particularly fond of this affirmation, as it opens up your life to things beyond the scope of anything you might predict for yourself. It lets the Divine step in and do Its magic. Just sayin.)

Now let’s say that when you’re affirming your life is more amazing than you ever would have imagined, you don’t believe it. Not even a little.

In this case, there are two techniques that can be helpful.

1. Qualifiers

Bringing in a qualifier is a great way to get your affirmation into a believable realm.

A qualifier is a phrase like this: I am willing to believe that…

So our affirmation now becomes:

I am willing to believe that my life is more amazing than I ever would have imagined.


Pretty cool, eh?

If that’s still too much of a stretch, you can say: I am willing to be willing to believe that…

You can work with these qualifiers for as long as you need to. They’re like training wheels.

And training wheels are powerful puppies!


Speaking of training wheels, another great technique that can help with an affirmation’s believability is:

2. Negamations

Negamations is a term I use for anything that’s the opposite of an affirmation.

When the believability of your affirmation is weak, it can be really great to write down all the negamations that arise when you say or read your affirmations.

Once the negamations are out in the open, you can counter them with affirmations.

For example, when you affirm, My life is more amazing than I ever would have imagined, you might hear a negamation like:


In that case, you can craft an affirmation like: Things are always working out for me. Or: I am willing to believe that things are always working out for me!

Negamations are awesome, because they give you a great roadmap into your hidden beliefs.

Indeed, discovering and working with negamations is an incredibly effective tool to make your affirmations even more powerful.

The key is to really be honest with yourself.

Don’t get all Stuart Smalley and give that sad smile that no one believes for a second.


If your affirmation is that shaky, add a qualifier!

Or flush out the negamations and use them to craft an even more effective affirmation.

These techniques will bring your affirmations to ground level. As in the ground you’re standing on. Now.

Have you ever stood barefoot in the dirt? You know how groovy and earthy-crunchy and touchy-feeley awesome that feels?!

Starting affirmations at a place that feels believable to you is like that.

Wiggling your toes in the soil and feeling grounded and powerful and happy.


Next time: You’ve got your rockin’ affirmations. Now we’re going to talk about how to maximize their effectiveness.

What is your experience with affirmations and believability? Share your comments below!

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