photo: Mike Tungate on flickr

photo: Mike Tungate on flickr

Who can perform miracles?

Is it just super-talented people? Like Evel Knievel, riding his motorcycle over buses and sharks. Or Jesus and his light-footed aquatic antics.

Or can anyone perform miracles?

As you can tell by the title of this post, my answer to this question is a big, fat YES! We can all perform miracles. Regular folks like you and me!

And I’m gonna tell you how.

The coolest thing about performing miracles is that it’s super easy. Indeed, there’s only one thing you need to know:

Get aligned.

What do I mean by aligned?

I mean tapping into Source. Obi-Wan Kenobi called it the Force. I call it the Divine. Quantum physicists call it the Quantum Field.

photo: Kevin Dooley on flickr

photo: Kevin Dooley on flickr

It’s the energy that creates everything: rivers and stars and comets – and you. Because this energy created you, you have access to it. And, with it, you can perform miracles.

But you can’t perform miracles if you don’t remember what you’re made of. And you can’t perform miracles if you think miracles aren’t possible.

Some people get into metaphysical thinking so they can manifest lots of stuff. They do affirmations about having a fat bank account and then become disappointed when the affirmations don’t work.

But that’s because they didn’t get aligned first.

photo: Balint Földesi on flickr

photo: Balint Földesi on flickr

When you get aligned first, you let Source direct the process. Manifesting money may end up being part of the process, but it’s certainly not the only thing.

And if you put material success as your only goal, you’re never going to be happy.

In my personal experience, being aligned with Source is the best thing in the world. And, paradoxically, when I’m aligned with Source, I’m more likely to attract all kinds of material goodies to myself, including money.

And sometimes it’s not about money at all.

My dad is a great example of someone who has demonstrated the power of alignment.

He’s is a scientist, so his skills have been evident in the field of biology, which he taught for years. He’s into trees and plants and the world of nature.

David Allen Egloff, circa 1986

David Allen Egloff, circa 1986

Where he really busts out his super-powered mojo, however, is with animals.

Years ago, my dad came to visit. At the time, my partner and I had a bird. The bird’s name was Joe and he was a cockatiel.

Joe had a mind of his own. My partner’s kids tried to teach him to talk. They tried to teach him tricks. Joe wasn’t having it.

photo: Alicia Vargas on flickr

photo: Alicia Vargas on flickr

Joe liked to sleep and eat and clean his feathers. As far as he was concerned, that was as good as it got.

And then he met my dad.

One day during his visit, my dad sat down next to Joe’s cage. He held out his hand like this:

photo: Z Egloff

photo: Z Egloff

Joe perked up.

We were amazed. Joe had never cared what we had done with our hands. What was so special about my dad’s hand?

I’ll tell you what was special. My dad is an animal whisperer. He’s aligned with the same Energy the animals are. I know he doesn’t see himself as doing anything special. He’s just being himself.

But the animals respond to it.

My dad then proceeded to tip his hand like this:

photo: Z Egloff

photo: Z Egloff

As he did, Joe moved with him.

We’d never seen anything like it. Joe was not a trained bird. Joe had refused all our ideas about the tricks he should perform.

But there he was, moving in sync with my dad’s hand. Up and down, following everything my dad did.

This episode became legend in our house. After my dad left, we all attempted to get Joe to follow our hands.


But we didn’t have the special alignment mojo-thingie that my dad did. We weren’t biologists who had an affinity for the natural world like my dad does.

A major trick to this whole alignment gig is to figure out your area of alignment.

Maybe it’s writing. Maybe it’s dance. Maybe it’s nature. Maybe it’s sports.

What’s the area in life that makes you come alive? Because that’s where the mojo is. The energy you feel in response to that area is the energy that creates worlds.

And it’s the energy that makes miracles happen.

Just ask Joe.

photo: Ken & Nyetta on flickr

photo: Ken & Nyetta on flickr

What are your areas of alignment? Share your comments below!

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