photo: Ludovic Bertron on flicker

photo: Ludovic Bertron on flickr

When was the last time you used a Pyramid of Power to protect you from life’s little annoyances?

If your answer is either “Never” or “It’s been a few months since I’ve used my Pyramid of Power and boy, do I miss it!”, then it’s time for you to get back in the game!

(If your answer is, “Why Z, I just used my Pyramid of Power this morning and my day is already zippy and zany and downright zoetic,” then I suggest you keep reading, just to add your zippilicious energy to the mix!)

Using a Pyramid of Power is new to me. Yes, I’ve read all those books about auras and chakras, and yes, I’ve used my share of energy techniques to ground and protect myself in various situations, but when it comes to flying bugs, I have a tendency to forget everything I’ve learned.

photo: Vinoth Chandar on flickr

photo: Vinoth Chandar on flickr

Most mornings, I take a hike in Annadel Park, a gorgeous 5092-acre piece of land here in Sonoma County, California. No, I do not traipse through all 5092 acres. I manage to cover about four miles a morning.

It’s a great way to start the day! The sun is shining! The air is fresh and clean! The hills are alive with the sound of . . . buzzing flies.

Actually, the flies aren’t there all year round. They usually show up in the summer, when the air is hot and inviting.

In order to cope with the buzzing flies – who like to take dive bombs around my head – I have been known to employ an incredibly sophisticated technique:

The Spastic Arm Wave.

Although it’s impossible to capture this on film, I will try. Check it out:

photo: Melissa Phillippe

photo: Melissa Phillippe

photo: Melissa Phillippe

photo: Melissa Phillippe

photo: Melissa Phillippe

photo: Melissa Phillippe

As you can imagine, the buzzing flies are seriously intimidated by this move. So much so, they usually wait anywhere from one to three seconds before dive-bombing me again.

Recently, while taking my morning walk and employing the Spastic Arm Wave with extra vigor, a thought entered my head:

What if I use my consciousness to fend off the flies? Yes, the Spastic Arm Wave is incredibly nifty, but what if there’s a better way?

The image of a pyramid popped into my head. I realized that I could surround myself with an invisible pyramid of energy to protect myself against the flies.

Yes, this is as wacky as it sounds. But here me out:

It worked!

I imagined a pyramid surrounding my entire body. I imagined that my magic Pyramid of Power sheltered and protected me from any buzzing intruders.

photo: Alias 0591 on flickr

photo: Alias 0591 on flickr

The flies immediately stopped bothering me.

I’ve been busting out my Pyramid of Power on my morning walks ever since.

Occasionally, I have a particularly persistent fly who breaks through the Pyramid, but I just envision the Pyramid with more power and passion, and the fly heads for the hills.

I used to be bothered by flies every day. Now they rarely ever mess with me.

My experience with the Pyramid reminded me that we’re all a lot more powerful than we think we are.

Instead of putting up with things that annoy us, we can use our amazing minds to imagine different scenarios. Be it a magic pyramid or a psychedelic donkey – whatever opens our minds to a different view.

Indeed, I’m grateful for the dive-bombing bugs that reminded me to bust out my mental magic.

But not so grateful that I’m letting them into my Pyramid!

photo: Melissa Phillippe

photo: Melissa Phillippe

What energy techniques to you use to enhance your life? Share your comments below!

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