Everyone agrees that it’s a good thing to listen to your intuition.

Everyone except the people who want you to listen to them instead of your intuition.

But this post isn’t about them!

It’s about us!

And how we can learn to be the Best Intuition Listeners Ever!


When I first got into touchy-feeley woo-woo stuff, I embraced a bunch of touchy-feeley woo-woo ways of contacting my intuition.

All of these methods used an intermediary, someone or something to act as a translator for me and my internal guidance.

I did the I Ching. I did runes. I did Tarot. I saw a psychic. I had a life reading with an astrologer.

All of these things were great.


Well, most of them were great.

When I asked the psychic about relationships, he said that he saw me with men. He said that was the best choice for me in this lifetime.

Given that I was young, impressionable, and still had a big ol’ chunk of internalized homophobia, I allowed his words to shove me back in the closet for a few years.


I also had the experience of misreading some of the information I received from the I Ching.

At one point, I was convinced it was telling me I was going to be in a romantic relationship with someone who – it turned out – had no interest in being in a romantic relationship with me.

Both of these mis-readings caused me a certain degree of pain.

But they also opened up a window to something that was worth whatever I had to go through to get there:

A closer relationship with my own internal voice.


The beauty of the intermediaries was that I could take the information they gave and check it against my own gut sense.

Indeed, the more I used the intermediaries, the more I often knew what they were going to say ahead of time.

When you’re just starting to contact your intuition, a tool like Tarot or I Ching can be a great way initiate that contact.

Even when you’re the Best Intuition Listener Ever, it can still be helpful to consult an intermediary from time to time. Especially as a way to confirm the information you’re already getting.

The method I employ these days is from the Abraham Hicks material. They have a concept called Upstream/Downstream, and I use it in basically every area of my life.


The simplest way to explain Upsteam/Downstream is that I use my own emotions and intuition to point me in the best direction. (If you want to read about this method in more detail, go here.)

In other words, even though I’m not adverse to using intermediaries, I’m getting tons of satisfaction – and great results – by using myself as the intermediary.

What a concept!

That said, there are as many ways to listen to your intuition as there as peeps on the planet.

My only piece of advice is this:


Try out different methods and observe the results.

Lather, rinse, repeat!


(On my next post, I’ll talk about the challenges of following the information we get from our intuition. Stay tuned!)

What methods do you employ to listen to your intuition? Share your comments below!

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