Photo: Hamza Butt on flickr

Photo: Hamza Butt on flickr

Dear Meli,

Money is the root of all evil. Yeah, I know that we spiritual types shake our heads at this phrase and say “No way!” But I kinda agree with it. Even when I don’t want to. I’ve been working really hard lately to let in more money in my life, and I’m aware that I still see money as bad, somehow. Like, kinda evil. Do you have any nifty ways to get around this belief?

Aching for Abundance

Dear Aching,

One of my favorite ways around most of my beliefs that don’t lead to happiness is to use logic to work my way to the truth.

Logic would say that the power of money is not even a real thing. It’s a concept and an agreement. We have “money,” in the form of cash, of course. That’s a real or material thing. But in and of itself, without an agreement of its value, it has no worth as a commodity. It’s only paper, for goodness sakes!

So where does the value come from? We agree on it. That’s it. (There’s much more to say along that line of thinking, but now I’m moving on with the logic.)

If the power of money is not even a real thing, then how can it have a power of its own? And if it has no power, how can it be bad? (If something is bad, it’s got its own power or energy that makes it bad. Right?) But money only has the power and energy we agree to give it.

As is true of most things, then, if you believe it has a negative power, it will (for you). But if you believe it is a power for great good in the world, then that will be true for you!

Changing beliefs takes place on many levels. When I use logic to get myself to a greater understanding of the truth of something, it helps me to embody the truth more fully. But I find that if I stop there, it won’t be enough. I need to work in meditation and prayer to allow the new belief (the truth) to filter its way through my consciousness, to become my subconscious belief. This can be done with practice.

I would recommend looking around to see all the good that money is doing in the world. Make it a conscious practice to look for and find money serving people. I promise you that there are plenty of examples if you look for them!

If you are looking for evidence that money is evil, you can find people who use money for selfish or harmful reasons. And if you look for evidence that money is serving humanity and doing good, you will find plenty of people using their wealth to bless the lives of others. That’s because it’s not the money that has power, it the motivation behind using it. And that motivation comes from the people using it.

Money is neutral. Any power behind it is coming from the heart and intention of the individual utilizing it.

Blessings and Love to you in all you do!

In Joy,


What is your experience with money? Share your comments below!

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