Decisions can be tough.

There are so many factors to weigh, so many possible outcomes.

Over the years, I’ve used different methods to make decisions.

When I was younger, I relied on other people’s opinions.

My key question was: What do other people think is the right thing to do?


This method worked for a while, as it kept those around me happy. In time, though, this method proved to be a less than satisfying.

When I discovered that the Universe had my back, decision making got easier. In some ways.

My key question became: What does the Universe want me to do?


To determine the answer to this question, I used methods like Tarot and the I Ching to help me determine the best outcome.

These methods, as I discussed in a recent post, proved helpful for a long time.

And then they didn’t.

Then it came time to rely on my own inner knowing in making a decision.


Finally, I let go of turning to outside sources and learned to listen to the wise voice within.

The key question now became: What does my inner knowing say?

This question not only empowered my decision making process, it brought the best results.

Decision making got easier, smoother, more fun.


Lately, I’ve been playing with another key question, one that helps fine tune the process.

Sometimes my inner knowing doesn’t give me a strong hit one way or the other. It lets me know that either choice could work.

In that case, I ask another key question: Which choice will bring the best result in the long run?


It sounds simple, but this question has helped steer me in the right direction time and time again.

When I’m in the middle of weighing options, it can be difficult to get perspective, especially if my intuition is letting me know that more than one way can work.

Asking which choice will be best in the long run allows me to take a wider view, one that takes into account the future as well as the present.


Sometimes there are choices – like leaving a job or a relationship – that bring up difficult feelings for all concerned.

There’s no way around the difficult feelings, but there are options that are respectful to myself and the others involved.

In cases like these, a spin-off question I like to ask is: What choice will leave me feeling best about myself in the long run?

I don’t mean like I looked really good, or made a choice that others approved of. I mean like I acted in a way that was the most loving and respectful to myself and others.


This version of the long-run question can clarify what choice or choices are best in moving forward through tricky territory.

So now when I’m faced with a decision, I’m armed with two great questions.

What does my inner knowing say?


Which choice will bring the best result in the long run?

These questions allow me to make powerful, strong, informed decisions.

They allow me to be a Decision Making Ninja, capable of skillfully engaging in any decision that comes my way!


What questions help you make decisions? Share your comments below!

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