We love our Angels!

One of the goals of OhMyGod Life! is to expand the consciousness of joy in the world through our online community. Everyone listed below contributed funds to help us begin the process of creating this website. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you!

Our fundraising campaign is still going on, and we’d love your support. To find out more, click here.

Our Angel Team

Darlene Allwright
Linda Amorsen/Seaside Center
Debbie Ausiello
Lisa Barry
Jane Beach
Dereca Blackmon
Maggie Brown
Eileen Brownell
Maggie Cafferty
Donna Campbell
Suzanne Cardinal
Mary Carlisle
Center for Spiritual Living Peninsula
Linda Collett
Sherrie Corbett
Trish DeJohn
Les DeMarco
Laura Dickinson
Rachel DiPaola
Karen Drucker
Karen Dyer
David and Susan Egloff
Georg Egloff
Livonne Engebrecht
Marcella Ford
Chris Fritzsche
Anne Galbraith
Bob Gale
Cairyl Gardner
Anne Gero
Kayla Gold
Lezli Goodwin
David Gorchoff
Bob Gordon
Mary Ann Granieri
Casey Gryba
Laura Hallett
Lisa Hamilton
Patrick Hardman
Sherry Hedling
Vicky Hedman
Lillian Howan
Bruce David Hubbell
Illuminata Center for Spiritual Living
Julane Jazzique
Therese Jimanowicz
Barbara Johnson
Rebeckah Kelley
Carol King
Olivia Kinzler
Anita Kotik
Birdie Lane
Launching Pad Berkeley
Jo Lauer
Lori Louise Lawrence
Sherry Lester
Venus Maher
Carol Maurer
Susan Mazer
Martha McCabe
Joy Meyer
Abigail Millikan-States
Liz Mirante
Bernardo Monserrat
Laurie Moore
Susan Muir
Margaret Owens
Betty and Mike Perkins
Connie Phillippe
Reno Center for Spiritual Living
Linda Robinett
Barbara Rogers
Kathy Rosenberg
Sheri Rosenthal
Andra Sandberg
Bob Sayers
Abigail Schairer
Marie Schaubroeck
Julie Schmidt
Bette Smith
Anne Snyder
Devean Soulies
Susan Starbuck
Tara Steele
Coleen Stevens
Tracy Stewart
Jan Svoboda
Janet Tobin
Annette Toivonen
Steve and Linda Thomas
Claire Victor
Michelle Walters
Kathy White

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