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photo: Leonid Mamchenkov on flickr

The New Age Virus and How to Avoid It

We’ve all seen it. A co-worker gets sick and wonders what she “did wrong” to cause the illness. A friend loses his job and blames it on his “lack consciousness.” A family member gets dumped by her boyfriend and beats herself up for not being a good enough “love magnet.” They’re all victims of that […]

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photo: Mickey Pfleger

What Steve Young and I Have in Common

You may find it hard to believe that I, a card-carrying Goofball could have anything in common with Steve Young, one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time. But I do! Not only that, our shared trait is potentially available to all human beings, Goofballs and non-Goofballs alike! It does, however, take extraordinary circumstances […]

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photo: curimedia on flickr

Why Melissa and I Will Never Be Late to the Airport Again

Have you ever been late? You probably haven’t. You probably always plan ahead and get everywhere two to ten minutes early. If that’s the case, think of this post as a sociological study into a foreign style of life. The Life of the Late. It’s a stressful existence, being late. You’re always rushing out the […]

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photo: Kevin Krejci on flickr

Why Manifesting Parking Places Is Silly. And Why It’s Not.

Picture this: You’re on your way to the supermarket. About a mile from your destination, you start visualizing the perfect parking place. You can see it clearly – right next to the entrance, five steps away. All the way to the store, you visualize the perfect spot.  Before you know it, you’re at your destination, […]

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photo: Monelle Chiti on flikr

7 ½ Reasons Why Meditation Will Make You a Rock Star

What? You thought meditation would turn you into a holy, mellow, groovy person? Well, it will. But the gifts of meditation are vast and awesome. They never quit. And one of these gifts is the transformation of Regular You into Rock Star You. Let’s be clear: To be a Rock Star, you don’t have to […]

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