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photo: Mikko Luntiala on flikr

How Elves Can Heal Your Life

Step aside Carl Jung. Step aside Ken Wilbur. There’s a new psycho-spiritual theorist in town and her name is . . . . Dr. Z! It doesn’t matter that I’m not actually a doctor. That didn’t stop me from coming up with a new theory that totally explains the entire scope of human spiritual and […]

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photo: Rebecca MacKinnon on flikr

How to Win the Spiritual Olympics

“I’m more spiritual than you are.” Has there ever been a more absurd statement in the history of the Universe? Sure, there are stranger things to say. Like, “My donkey is on backwards.” Or “What’s the square root of cake?” But surely, “I’m more spiritual than you are” is right up there in the bizarre-phrases […]

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here come da one of these

Why Jury Duty Blew My Mind

I have to confess: I didn’t want to go. Who wants to jump in their car at 7 a.m. and trot over to the Hall of Justice to report for jury duty? Certainly not me. Except I have another confession to make. Part of me did want to go. I believe everything happens for a […]

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