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Why Jury Duty Blew My Mind

I have to confess: I didn’t want to go. Who wants to jump in their car at 7 a.m. and trot over to the Hall of Justice to report for jury duty? Certainly not me. Except I have another confession to make. Part of me did want to go. I believe everything happens for a […]

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photo: Amy Gahran on flikr

Here’s a Fun, New Way to Get Enlightened

If you want to have a good time – and I mean a really good time – go to an airport security line. These people know how to party.  I mean, they’re patting down complete strangers. And they have a legal right to do so! They’re wearing snappy uniforms and ordering people around. They’re rifling […]

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What a John Deere Tractor Taught Me About God

Have you ever started a project that was beyond the scope of your expertise? A new venture that totally surpassed what you were capable of doing? An endeavor that knocked all your previous endeavors out of the ring and off the planet? If so, I have a few things I’d like to say to you. […]

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How Ben Kingsley Changed My Life

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I saw Gandhi and was inspired to don a loincloth and join the Peace Corps. Or that I watched Sexy Beast and slipped into an obsession with the underworld and criminal capers. Or that I saw Mr. Kingsley on a talk show and immediately shaved my head and […]

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My Mid-Life Procrastination Attack

I never used to procrastinate. Never. Okay, maybe sometimes. Like during tax season. But that was about it. I used to take pity on the poor schmucks who would put things off. I felt sorry for them. I felt empathy for their plight. It must be hard, I thought, to have something hanging over your […]

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photo: Joel Olives on flikr

What I Learned from Trudy, the Talking Flower

The tree outside our bedroom window has been busy lately. Do you want to see what it’s been up to? Check it out: Talk about a show off. I mean, really. This tree is not holding back.   It got me thinking. Nature is often used an example of unabashed abundance. Nature goes for it. It […]

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The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done

No, I’m not talking about jumping out of a plane (no way) or wrestling porcupines (ouch) or running with the bulls in Pamplona (can you say shin splints?) I’m talking about something else altogether. Something much more daring. Picture this: I am sitting on a chair. I am doing nothing. Nothing. I am not talking, or […]

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How I Broke out of Piano Prison

I can hear you now. What on earth is piano prison?! Is it a place for people who steal baby grands from cocktail lounges? A penitentiary shaped like a giant piano? A room full of people playing Feelings and Tiny Bubbles? Oh no, my friends. It’s worse. Much worse. Let me explain. I was trained […]

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My Short, Sad Life as a Rodeo Clown

If I told you I used to work as a rodeo clown, would you believe me? If you said Yes, you’re in the majority. Most of the people to whom I’ve told this crazy story have believed me. Notice the past tense. Told. My days as a fake former-rodeo-clown are over. I used to think it […]

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