photo: Natalia Rivera on flickr

photo: Natalia Rivera on flickr

Dear Meli,

I have a dream. It’s a big dream. I haven’t told anyone about it because I don’t want to have anyone discourage me. What do you think about this? Do you think it’s okay to keep it to myself, or should I be sharing it with others who can help or encourage me?

Vigilante Visionary

Dear Vigilante,

You are RIGHT on track! How wonderful that you’ve been following your intuition about this! Brilliant.

I suggest that you continue to keep this dream to your self until it feels like the time to share it! You will know when it is time to do so. And even then, you are very wise to do so very selectively.

So often, even the most well-meaning of our friends and family share their opinions with us about what we should or shouldn’t do with a new venture. It would be heartbreaking if someone did this at a time when it threw your dream off course. This is well worth avoiding!

Because if your dream is as big as you say, it is likely to be outside of the constructs of the you your friends are accustomed to. They may feel threatened with you becoming the version of you that would have this dream as part of your life. There’s no way of telling how people will respond.

So, please do continue ti wait. And allow your dream to clarify itself, and then birth itself through you. Allow yourself to parent it gently and lovingly. And then, as it is blossoming, share away.

When it’s time to share it, please let us all know how we can support you!

Blessings and Love to you in all you do!


What is your experience with sharing – or not sharing – your dreams? Share your comments below!

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