photo: Cielo de la Paz on flickr

photo: Cielo de la Paz on flickr

How many times a day does the Divine speak to you?

Every five hours?

Five minutes?

Five seconds?

Although I would love to be an enlightened master with 24/7 access to Divine Wisdom, this is not how I currently roll.

When it comes to the spiritual path, I’m more of a get up, fall down, get up again kinda gal.

One minute I’m in the flow, feeling the Divine juju within and all around me. The next minute, my face is in the dirt and I’m wondering how I got there.

I know, dirt is Divine too. But it doesn’t taste that good.

photo: Jim Legans, Jr. on flickr

photo: Jim Legans, Jr. on flickr

Which brings me to the dishes.

I don’t know about you, but washing dishes is not high on my list of Fun Things to Do.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a clean dish as much as the next person, but I’m not sure why I’m the one that needs to make it happen.

Actually, I do know.

In Melissa’s and my house, we divvy up the chores. She’s the outside chores person. Anything involving a car, a shopping list, and a retail outlet – that’s her gig.

photo: zinger on flickr

photo: zinger on flickr

I don’t always like doing the dishes, but I loathe shopping.

That leaves me with the inside chores.

Laundry, dishes, cleaning the cat box. Anything that involves tidying the inside of the house, that’s my gig.

Which is why, the other day, I found myself at the sink, donning my rubber gloves and assisting the dishes in their transition from “dirty” to “clean.”

Only I wasn’t exactly happy about it.

I had spent the morning writing, and I was still buzzing from the experience.

Writing is one of those activities that takes me to a place beyond time. Hours can go by and I barely notice. It’s a way for me to touch the Divine. To feel the creative power in and around me.

But there I was, taking a break from writing and washing the dishes.

photo: Boston Public Library on flickr

photo: Boston Public Library on flickr

I felt impatient. I wanted to strip off my rubber gloves and get to “better” things. More “spiritual” things.

And that’s when it happened. That’s when the Divine broke through. 

I heard a voice. One of those kind of voices. The voice of reason. The voice of wisdom. It said:

If you can’t find the Divine everywhere, you can’t find the Divine anywhere.

I’m the kind of person that likes to talk back to my Divine Revelations, so I immediately countered with the fact that there are some situations that are easier to feel the Divine.

Like writing. And listening to music.

photo: Jiaren Lau on flickr

photo: Jiaren Lau on flickr

But the voice was still right.

I looked at my hands – or my rubber gloves, rather – holding a plate.

This plate is Divine.

I took a breath.

This breath is Divine.

I couldn’t hide from the fact that the Divine is everywhere, in everything. If I think it exists more fully in some things than others, I am sorely mistaken.

That’s what the voice was reminding me.

If you can’t find the Divine everywhere, you can’t find the Divine anywhere.

photo: sam on flickr

photo: sam on flickr

I would love to say that now I can’t wait to do the dishes. That every minute spent with suds and rubber gloves is a moment of pure, unadulterated enlightenment.

Not so much.

But I do remember the voice. And what it said. It reminds me to pay attention.

No matter what I’m doing.

Indeed, it’s often in those places and activities that seem the least “spiritual” that Spirit breaks through.

After all, It is everywhere. And It loves to show Its divine, glorious self.

So the next time you’re washing dishes, or taking out the trash, or paying the bills, remember What’s there with you.

And not only with you, but as you. The dishes, the bills, your hand writing the check – the whole shebang. Divine. Awe-some. Incredible.

The voice told me so.  ­­

photo: ElizaC3 on flickr

photo: ElizaC3 on flickr

When has the Divine spoken to you? What did it say? Share your comments below!

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