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photo: mollybob on flickr

The One Question You Need to Ask About Your Entertainment Choices

What’s your favorite form of entertainment? TV? Movies? Video games? Reading? (I know there are still some of you out there.) These days, we have bazillions of entertainment choices. Thanks to the electronic revolution, many of these choices are available 24/7. These choices leave us with questions: What do I want to watch/play/read? When do […]

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How I Survived the Spiritual Retreat from Hell

Have you ever been at a spiritual retreat that didn’t feel very spiritual? Perhaps the facilitator seemed more egoic than enlightened. Perhaps the other participants seemed incapable of deep, honest inquiry. Or maybe the whole event had an overly-materialistic vibe. Whatever it was, it left you feeling unsatisfied, incomplete. Of course, everything is spiritual. I’ve […]

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photo: Jonathan Day

Battling My Inner Task Master, Round 379

What do vacations and to-do lists have in common? Nothing. They have nothing in common. So why was my recent vacation dominated by one? Let me tell you. First of all, I’m not a fan of lists. I think they’re fascist. Actually, it’s not the lists themselves that are fascist. It’s what my mind does […]

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