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Photo: Hamza Butt on flickr

Is Money a Corrupting Influence?

Dear Meli, Money is the root of all evil. Yeah, I know that we spiritual types shake our heads at this phrase and say “No way!” But I kinda agree with it. Even when I don’t want to. I’ve been working really hard lately to let in more money in my life, and I’m aware […]

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photo: matthewreid on flickr

Can You Be a Godparent and Not Talk About God?

Dear Meli, I am the godmother of my sister’s children. I was incredibly honored to be asked, and I love my two nephews. There’s only one problem. My sister doesn’t believe in God. She and her husband did the baptism in a church to satisfy his parents. They never talk about spiritual matters with the […]

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How Do You Get Unstuck about Money?

Dear Meli, My life is really good. I have a great partner. I have a job I like. I have a great relationship with my grown kids. There’s only one part of my life that isn’t totally great. And that’s my relationship with money. Sometimes I spend more than I have. Sometimes I get scared […]

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