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How to Love Your Body Now!

Is there anything more annoying than being told you should  do something? You should  floss every day.   You should  think positive thoughts. You should  exercise, eat right, meditate, get lots of sleep, be nice to strangers, stay away from booze and drugs, and rescue stray kittens in your spare time. And then there’s the […]

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Can You Learn to Love Your Body?

Dear Meli, I know I am supposed to love myself, warts and all. And I am better at this than I have ever been. I continue to get better all the time, in fact. I practice being nicer to me, and I get better at it. But I have this one area that feels impossible […]

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The Invisible Spiritual Practice: Are You Doing It?

What’s your spiritual practice? Do you meditate? Do you pray or say affirmations? Do you spend time in nature, absorbing the beauty of the Divine? My spiritual home is Centers for Spiritual Living. At CSL, we have five practices that help us align with the Divine. They are as follows: 1. Meditation We spend time […]

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