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z egloff

How Meditation Can Save Your Life

Sure, meditation is great for becoming spiritually enlightened, but it’s also good for more basic stuff. Like saving your life. Before I started meditating, I would often have bad days. On a bad day, I would feel like this: Sometimes I knew why I felt bad. Other times I didn’t. But either way, I didn’t […]

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photo: z egloff

My Guru Has a Tail, Part 10: The Legacy

Any Guru who’s worthy of their exalted title leaves a legacy of wisdom behind when they pass over to the non-physical realm. My Guru, our cat Lucy, was no exception to this rule. As some of you know, the Guru passed into the non-physical realm in November of 2014. Since then, I have been both […]

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photo: Nicolas Raymond on flickr

My Guru Has a Tail, Part 9: The Miracle

A few days after I first wrote this post, the Guru (aka our kitty Lucy) died suddenly of undetected heart failure. Although a tribute post will follow, I wanted to share the following with you in its original form. Everything here is a tribute to our feisty little Guru. We love you, Lou. Can people […]

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photo: twodolla on flickr

­­­My Guru Has a Tail, Episode 5: The Lap Dance

Where do you stand on lap dances? Or perhaps stand ­­­is not the right word. Where do you sit on lap dances? Okay, maybe that’s not the right word either. Lap dances – do you love them or hate them? Do you think they’re a beautiful example of sexual expression? Or a cheap and tawdry […]

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photo: orin zebest on flickr

­­­My Guru Has a Tail, Episode 2: The Escape

What do you do when you’re scared? Do you freeze? Do you act tough, so no one will know you’re afraid? Or do you arch your back and fluff up your tail so it looks like you’re twice as big as you are? And then hiss? If you picked the last choice, you’re in good […]

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do you have to take my picture when i'm bathing?

My Guru Has a Tail, Episode 1: The Fumigation

Who inspires you? Who makes you want to be a better person? Is it someone you know? Or someone you don’t? Someone who’s still alive? Or someone who’s passed over to the other side? In my case, my source of inspiration is someone who has now passed over to Kitty Heaven. Someone whose deep, prophetic […]

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would you like that "well done"?

How I Survived the Spiritual Retreat from Hell

Have you ever been at a spiritual retreat that didn’t feel very spiritual? Perhaps the facilitator seemed more egoic than enlightened. Perhaps the other participants seemed incapable of deep, honest inquiry. Or maybe the whole event had an overly-materialistic vibe. Whatever it was, it left you feeling unsatisfied, incomplete. Of course, everything is spiritual. I’ve […]

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photo: Rebecca MacKinnon on flikr

How to Win the Spiritual Olympics

“I’m more spiritual than you are.” Has there ever been a more absurd statement in the history of the Universe? Sure, there are stranger things to say. Like, “My donkey is on backwards.” Or “What’s the square root of cake?” But surely, “I’m more spiritual than you are” is right up there in the bizarre-phrases […]

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