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The 3 Problems with Being Guided by Spirit

It sounds so romantic. I’m letting Spirit guide my life. I’m being held and sustained by a Power that’s greater than me. I never worry about anything, ever, because I know the Divine is always in charge. But, like any great romance, there’s a downside. No, it doesn’t involve discovering that the Divine chews with […]

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How to Avoid the Other Shoe Syndrome

­­­ We all know about the “other shoe” and how we’re supposed to wait for it to drop. But what’s that about? Why are we waiting? And what does the Other Shoe Syndrome say about our lives? Is there another way to see things? First, some history. As it turns out, the expression “waiting for […]

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How Elves Can Heal Your Life

Step aside Carl Jung. Step aside Ken Wilbur. There’s a new psycho-spiritual theorist in town and her name is . . . . Dr. Z! It doesn’t matter that I’m not actually a doctor. That didn’t stop me from coming up with a new theory that totally explains the entire scope of human spiritual and […]

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