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­­­The Best Meditation Help Ever!

I don’t know about you, but when I think about meditation, I think of a thoroughly solo endeavor. Cut to earnest individual with eyes closed, sitting in a field all by themselves. Right?! Sure, you can meditate with someone else, but it’s not anything they can do for you. It’s not like you can be […]

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photo: Jaysin Trevino on flickr

When Is It Okay to Be Selfish?

Dear Meli, Is it okay to be selfish? I always think of it as a bad thing, but recently someone pointed out to me that the people accusing you of being selfish are often wanting you to follow their agenda. How can I learn to be selfish without being obnoxious or overly self-involved? Scared to […]

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photo: Creative Ignition on flickr

Can You Surrender Without Giving Up?

Dear Meli, A word I hear a lot in spiritual circles is “surrender,” especially in relation to surrendering to a Higher Power. I have a hard time with this concept. “Surrender,” to me, sounds to me giving up. What is your experience with this? Suspicious of Surrender Dear Suspicious, This is an ongoing conversation I’ve […]

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3 Ways That Spiritual Practice Can Improve Your Relationships

Last week, we explored the wild and wonderful world of building a relationship with your Higher Power. This week, we’re taking it to the streets! More specifically, we’re taking this Higher Power gig and applying it to our interactions with other people. The trickiest part of this proposition is that other people are messy. Just […]

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How to Build a Relationship with Your Higher Power

Is it really possible to have a relationship with a Higher Power? I mean, that’s a pretty imposing thing to have a relationship with. Like Cher. Except this Cher also created the sky and the seas and everything in creation. Kind of intimidating. When I was a kid, the only version of a Higher Power […]

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