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Photo: markheybo on flickr

Is Competition Bad for a Friendship?

Dear Meli, I have a friend that I like a lot. Well, most of the time. Here’s the thing: He’s really smart. And really handsome. And really into his spiritual practice. Not in a show-offy way. He’s just really good at everything he does. The only bad part is what happens to me when I’m […]

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photo: Pedro Ribeiro Simões on flickr

How Do You Handle a Friend’s Adultery?

Dear Meli, I recently found out that the wife of a dear friend of mine is having an affair. If you’re wondering what this has to do with spirituality, that’s my question. She is supposedly a “spiritual” person. And yet her behavior seems so out of integrity to me. I’m not sure what to do. […]

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photo: Miquel C. on flickr

Is Your Ego Driving Your Spiritual Path?

We’ve all been there: We’re meditating. Or doing yoga. Or some really groovy, spiritual thing. And we’re totally in the zone. We’re in the flow with everything around us. We’re totally getting the whole spiritual thing. We’re feelin’ it. We’re livin’ it. We ARE it. And then it gets interesting. We can’t help but notice […]

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photo: Tony Alter on flickr

How I Got Schooled by a 93-Year-Old Toastmaster

Have you ever underestimated someone? Perhaps you decided they weren’t smart enough. Or cool enough. Or nice enough. Or spiritual enough. I don’t know about you, but I find that my snap judgments of people are usually wrong. I mean, first of all, it’s a judgment. That’s a problem right there. Secondly, I’m taking a […]

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photo: Rebecca MacKinnon on flikr

How to Win the Spiritual Olympics

“I’m more spiritual than you are.” Has there ever been a more absurd statement in the history of the Universe? Sure, there are stranger things to say. Like, “My donkey is on backwards.” Or “What’s the square root of cake?” But surely, “I’m more spiritual than you are” is right up there in the bizarre-phrases […]

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