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­­­The Best Meditation Help Ever!

I don’t know about you, but when I think about meditation, I think of a thoroughly solo endeavor. Cut to earnest individual with eyes closed, sitting in a field all by themselves. Right?! Sure, you can meditate with someone else, but it’s not anything they can do for you. It’s not like you can be […]

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photo: Austin Kirk on flickr

11 Ways to Lift a Bad Mood

Dear Meli, What do you do when you feel down? Most of the time I feel pretty good about things, but sometimes, so seemingly no reason, everything looks bleak. What do you do when the glass suddenly looks less than half full – and cracked?! Suddenly Sulky Dear Sulky, There are so many options for […]

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The Magic Formula Behind All Spiritual Practice

I recently got a great present. At least, it was a great present for a nerd like me. I was given a Universal Remote. I was so excited I could barely contain myself. No, I was not under the mistaken impression that when they called it a Universal remote, it meant it could control the […]

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photo: Bruce Fingerhood on flikr

What I Do When I Can’t Pray

Have you ever heard the expression “The darkest hour is just before dawn?” How about “A prolonged period of cranky, disgruntled, rabidly-toxic cynism precedes grace.” Have you heard that one? Probably not. It’s true, though. Take it from me. The recently cranky-and-disgruntled one. Here’s what happened. A few weeks ago, I had to take a […]

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photo: William Warby on flikr

25 Random Things About Z

1. My middle name is Hammer. 2. When people find this out, they say, “No!” Then they say, “You’re kidding!” Then they start to laugh uncontrollably. I explain that it’s a last name, a family name. Still, they laugh. Personally, I like having a tool for a middle name. It comes in handy in a […]

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