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photo: Karl-Ludwig G. Poggemann on flickr

How to Move Beyond Emotional Pain

If you’re reading this, you’ve already bought your ticket to the human experience. As you know, it can be a fun ride. Food, sex, moonlight cruises. There are some great perks to this human gig. But it can also be challenging. We lose things – jobs, people. Stuff happens. We fall down and it’s hard […]

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photo: John-Morgan and Rob Boudon on flickr

Dominos and Donuts: The Truth About Change

There’s a common misconception about change, and it goes like this: We see our lives like a donut. Everything is fine, except for the hole in the middle. If only this hole could be filled, everything would be perfect. Maybe it’s our weight. Or our job. Or our partner. Whatever it is, we think that […]

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