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z egloff

How Meditation Can Save Your Life

Sure, meditation is great for becoming spiritually enlightened, but it’s also good for more basic stuff. Like saving your life. Before I started meditating, I would often have bad days. On a bad day, I would feel like this: Sometimes I knew why I felt bad. Other times I didn’t. But either way, I didn’t […]

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z egloff

Are You a Victim of the Meditation Myth?

There’s a big fat myth about meditation. This myth is believed by meditators and non-meditators alike. It’s especially believed by people who’ve tried to meditate, but gave up because they sucked at it. Or think they sucked at it. Because of the myth. Here’s how it goes:  I try to meditate, but I can’t do […]

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photo: Christopher Michel on flickr

How Do You Meditate If You’re Horrible at It?

Dear Meli, I’m a spiritual person. And by this I mean, I’m a professional spiritual person. I’m a minister. And I have a little problem. I can’t meditate. I mean, I try, but I’m horrible at it. I’m always telling people about the benefits of meditation, because I know that there are benefits to meditating. […]

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photo: Shawn Rossi on flickr

­­­Healing the Impossible: A Case Study

Every day, we hear stories of people who heal impossible things. How does it happen? What are the ingredients that allow miracles to occur? I was prompted to write this post while pondering my own healing of an eating disorder. I began my journey with food addiction in sixth grade. That’s when I started to […]

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photo: Miquel C. on flickr

Is Your Ego Driving Your Spiritual Path?

We’ve all been there: We’re meditating. Or doing yoga. Or some really groovy, spiritual thing. And we’re totally in the zone. We’re in the flow with everything around us. We’re totally getting the whole spiritual thing. We’re feelin’ it. We’re livin’ it. We ARE it. And then it gets interesting. We can’t help but notice […]

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photo: Billy Rowlinson on flickr

­­­­How I Shut My Mouth and Found My Soul

What’s your relationship to silence? Do you embrace it? Do you shun it? Do you fill your life with sound – people, television, radio – in order to avoid it? Personally, I love to be quiet. I love spending time in the silence, touching base with myself – my mind, my body, my soul. Except […]

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photo: Diza Ramli on flickr

The Invisible Spiritual Practice: Are You Doing It?

What’s your spiritual practice? Do you meditate? Do you pray or say affirmations? Do you spend time in nature, absorbing the beauty of the Divine? My spiritual home is Centers for Spiritual Living. At CSL, we have five practices that help us align with the Divine. They are as follows: 1. Meditation We spend time […]

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