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­­­The Best Meditation Help Ever!

I don’t know about you, but when I think about meditation, I think of a thoroughly solo endeavor. Cut to earnest individual with eyes closed, sitting in a field all by themselves. Right?! Sure, you can meditate with someone else, but it’s not anything they can do for you. It’s not like you can be […]

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There’s Only One Way Out of a Vicious Cycle

Vicious cycles are not fun. Even the word vicious totally sounds bad, right? Vishhhhhhhh-Isssssssssss. Makes me wanna crawl under my bed and not come out until that evil, hissing vicious cycle slinks back to where it came from. But wait, where did it come from? That’s the key question, isn’t it? When we can answer […]

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photo: Sarah on flickr

Can You Heal Everything with Your Mind?

­­­Dear Meli, I’ve been getting headaches recently and I wasn’t sure why. My doctor suggested an eye exam and Voila! They say I need glasses. Here’s my problem with this. I’ve been told by my spiritual teacher that I can heal any physical malady with my mind. And I don’t want to wear glasses. Help! […]

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Can You Learn to Love Your Body?

Dear Meli, I know I am supposed to love myself, warts and all. And I am better at this than I have ever been. I continue to get better all the time, in fact. I practice being nicer to me, and I get better at it. But I have this one area that feels impossible […]

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photo: Christopher Michel on flickr

How Do You Meditate If You’re Horrible at It?

Dear Meli, I’m a spiritual person. And by this I mean, I’m a professional spiritual person. I’m a minister. And I have a little problem. I can’t meditate. I mean, I try, but I’m horrible at it. I’m always telling people about the benefits of meditation, because I know that there are benefits to meditating. […]

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photo: woodleywonderworks on flickr

Take the All-Day Appreciator Challenge!

Have you ever listened to what your mind is telling you? Like, really listened? If your mind is anything like my mind, it can get pretty interesting in there. Sure, my mind coughs up some deep and profound stuff from time to time. It also gets totally blissed out and happy on occasion. But it […]

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photo: David Goehring on flickr

A Radical Mantra That Will Shake Up Your Life

What if there was a mantra that could solve all of your problems? I’m talking every single one of your problems – from hangnail to divorce. What if this mantra had the power to completely eviscerate everything you perceive as difficult, wrong, or totally-not-fair? And shake up your life in the process. You probably think […]

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photo: Steve Jurvetson on flickr

­­­­Wanna Do the Best Experiment Ever?!

How do you know if something is true? Do you take someone else’s word for it? Or do you need to prove it for yourself? While I rely on others for advice and information, there’s no substitute for personal experience. Especially when I need to be convinced that something is legitimate. That’s particularly true when […]

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photo: Billy Rowlinson on flickr

­­­­How I Shut My Mouth and Found My Soul

What’s your relationship to silence? Do you embrace it? Do you shun it? Do you fill your life with sound – people, television, radio – in order to avoid it? Personally, I love to be quiet. I love spending time in the silence, touching base with myself – my mind, my body, my soul. Except […]

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