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What’s Your Prosperity Score?

We all have one. You might not know you have one. But you do. Each and every person on this planet has a prosperity score, a setting that determines how much prosperity they have – and will allow – into their lives. Because prosperity is a huge topic, everyone has a variety of prosperity scores. […]

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Is Money a Corrupting Influence?

Dear Meli, Money is the root of all evil. Yeah, I know that we spiritual types shake our heads at this phrase and say “No way!” But I kinda agree with it. Even when I don’t want to. I’ve been working really hard lately to let in more money in my life, and I’m aware […]

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How Can You Find Fulfilling Work?

Dear Meli, I hate my job. Like, really really really hate my job. But I can’t quit. I need to support my family and right now there’s nothing else out there in my field. In spiritual circles, they say “Do what you love and the money will follow.” Well, the money is already here, but […]

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The Missing Piece in Most Prosperity Programs

If you just think the right thoughts, you’ll get rich. That’s the promise of most prosperity programs. And while it’s true that changing your consciousness about money can enhance your real-life experience with money, there’s a lot more to financial freedom than simply thinking rich. Check it out: Financial freedom has two main components, both […]

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How Do You Get Unstuck about Money?

Dear Meli, My life is really good. I have a great partner. I have a job I like. I have a great relationship with my grown kids. There’s only one part of my life that isn’t totally great. And that’s my relationship with money. Sometimes I spend more than I have. Sometimes I get scared […]

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­­­Do You Believe the Money Lie?

There are so many lies about money, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Like: Money is the root of all evil. It’s actually attachment to money that causes behavior some might deem evil. Or how about this one: Money doesn’t grow on trees. If money doesn’t grow on trees, then what are those […]

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The Dalai Lama’s Big Little Secret

What’s your favorite thing about the Dalai Lama? His cute little smile? His snappy outfits? His unrelenting efforts in the areas of human rights and world peace? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for world peace. But I just discovered something about the Dalai Lama that’s more amazing than that. Check it out: Back when […]

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