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­­­The Biggest Problem With Affirmations

Affirmations are awesome! Affirmations – positive statements formed in the present tense – are a great way to change habitual thinking. Especially if they’re used passionately and consistently. But – yes, there is a but – they have one drawback. This drawback brings out an issue that is perhaps the biggest misunderstanding in the New […]

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photo: Orin Zebest on flickr

­­­The Benefits of a Crappy Life

A crappy life is, well, crappy. Right? One could say it’s hard to argue otherwise. But then one wouldn’t be a hard-core Goofball nerd who is always looking to argue against crappy and for happy. Which is what led Melissa and I to watch the movie Happy. Happy is just what it sounds like – […]

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Law of A trick top done

What’s the Trick to the Law of Attraction?

­­ What do you do when something bad less-than-pleasing happens? Do you tell yourself: A) Bad things are always happening to me. Cuz I’m a loser like that. B) Bad thing? What bad thing? C) I caused it! I caused the bad thing with my bad less-than-pleasing vibration! If you’re in group A, you might […]

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photo: Karl-Ludwig G. Poggemann on flickr

How to Move Beyond Emotional Pain

If you’re reading this, you’ve already bought your ticket to the human experience. As you know, it can be a fun ride. Food, sex, moonlight cruises. There are some great perks to this human gig. But it can also be challenging. We lose things – jobs, people. Stuff happens. We fall down and it’s hard […]

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stuart one done

How to Overcome the Stuart Smalley Syndrome

­­­ We’ve all been there. We’re saying something affirmative. Maybe it’s our morning affirmations. Maybe it’s a sales pitch. Maybe it’s an attempt to get ourselves motivated to do something we don’t want to do. As the words leave our mouths, a person flashes in our minds. Big blond hair. Yellow shirt and powder-blue cardigan. […]

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­­­How to Awesome-ize Your Life in 3 Minutes a Day

When you think of your life, how often does the word “awesome” come to mind? All the time? Sometimes? Never? No matter where your life is on the awesome spectrum, you can make it even awesome-er. And it only takes a few minutes a day! In spite of my current happy-peppy outlook on life, I wasn’t always […]

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­­­The Power of Rogue Affirmations

What’s your favorite affirmation? Even if you don’t do affirmations, I’ll bet you still have one. Like when you’re having a great day and you say to yourself, My life is amazing. Or when you accomplish something significant and you think, I am awesome. And I keep getting awesomer. One of my favorite baseline affirmations […]

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Here’s a Magic Word We Learned from Hank, the Pool Guy

What’s your favorite word? Do you have one? If so, do you say it all the time, like “Dude” or “Awesome“? Or do you only use it every once and a while? Like, “Gosh, I sure am feeling copacetic today.” Or, “I wish I wasn’t so discombobulated.” I have so many favorite words, it’s hard to […]

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