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photo: Venturist on flickr

Are You Depressed or Detached?

Dear Meli, For a long time, I was totally enamored with spiritual life. Amazing things would happen in my life and I would be totally blown away. But now, I’m a lot more blasé about it all. Don’t get me wrong, my life is still great. But somehow, I don’t care. Things don’t impact me […]

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photo: Austin Kirk on flickr

11 Ways to Lift a Bad Mood

Dear Meli, What do you do when you feel down? Most of the time I feel pretty good about things, but sometimes, so seemingly no reason, everything looks bleak. What do you do when the glass suddenly looks less than half full – and cracked?! Suddenly Sulky Dear Sulky, There are so many options for […]

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photo: Valentin Ottone on flickr

How Do You Love a Rotten Neighbor?

Dear Meli, “Love your neighbor” is a common phrase. But whoever said that didn’t know my neighbors. When they first moved in, everything seemed fine. But three years and twenty police reports later, everything looks a little different. Domestic violence, drug use, arrests. You name it, they’ve done it. I know I’m not supposed to […]

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photo: Alan Levine on flickr

My Front-Row Ticket to a Miracle

What happens after we die? Do we disappear into a void, never to be seen or heard from again? Or do we float down a tunnel of white light, reuniting with our spiritual heroes and loved ones? I have a few hunches about what happens after death. I think life goes on, though different than […]

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