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Thoughts and Feelings and Fears, Oh My! (Video)

Are you a good meditator? Or a bad meditator? That was a trick question! There’s no such thing as a bad meditator. Everybody thinks. A lot. And meditation is the process of watching our thoughts. So meditation, by definition, tends to involve lots of thinking. Because when we’re meditating, we start to notice how many […]

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z egloff

Why Following Your Bliss Doesn’t Always Feel Good

Many moons ago, a guy named Joseph Campbell told us we’re supposed to follow our bliss. If we do that, according to him, everything gets seriously groovy. Doors start to open. Money flows in. Our chakras get all lined up and our aura turns into a Technicolor light show. Speaking as someone who is currently […]

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photo: Zabara Alexander on flickr

3 Ways to Tell If You’re Living Your Passion

How do you feel about the phrase “living your passion”? Does it make you tingle from head to toe, eager to bust out and share your passionate stuff with the world? Or does it piss you off? I used to be in the latter category. Mostly because I wasn’t living my passion. It seemed impossible. […]

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photo: Step on flickr

How Karma Yoga Can Keep You Sane

Does this sound familiar? You have a project due for work. Maybe it’s a presentation. Maybe it’s a report. Maybe it’s a performance piece, complete with trained ducks, rings of fire, and a dramatic rendition of “I’m a Little Teapot.” Whatever it is, you give it your all. You prepare. You practice. When the time […]

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photo: Quinn Mattingly on flickr

What to Do If You Don’t Believe in Your Own Dreams

­What do you do when you have the chance of having a dream come true? Mind you, I said the chance. That means it hasn’t happened yet. That means you are forced to have the marvelous opportunity to wait in the expectation of this dream coming to fulfillment. Can you do it? Can you imagine […]

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Goofball Rap: Big Bang (Biggity Bang)

Mp3 available here! The story behind this video: In the spring of 2012, I took a class at Holmes Institute called Metaphysical Bible. For our final project, our instructor, Rev. Robin Davidson asked us to come up with a presentation that reconciled the Old Testament, fire-and-brimstone God with the New Age, touchy-feely God. She encouraged […]

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