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Photo: Harold Cheng on flickr

How Do You Let Go of Being a Victim?

Dear Meli, I recently had someone tell me that I have a tendency to be a victim. Pretty annoying, right? Well, it’s not the first time I’ve heard this. Lately, I’ve made the commitment to be more self-aware. And . . . Bingo! Do you have any advice of tips for letting go of being […]

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Photo: Lida on flickr

How Can I Be Myself Around Others?

Dear Meli, This might seem like a strange question, but I have a hard time being myself. I’m a total chameleon, and I tend to act like whoever I’m with. This makes me really easy to get along with, but sometimes I don’t know who I really am. I also tend to not stand up […]

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z egloff

Two Things NOT to Do in Relationships

I heard a story the other day that was a great reminder about what not to do in relationships. The story was about a husband and wife who frequently got into arguments about who changed the toilet paper more. They were both convinced that they changed the toilet paper way more than the other. The […]

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photo: Maryland GovPix on flickr

Do You Have to Love Everybody to Be Spiritual?

Dear Meli, Being spiritual has a lot of “shoulds” that come with it. Take this one, for example: “Spiritual people SHOULD be able to get along with everyone.” But what about difficult people? What about people from your past? In my case, I’m talking about my ex. She wasn’t awful. The relationship didn’t work because […]

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pollyanna rocks

Pollyanna Was Right: The Benefits of Optimism

Remember Pollyanna? The little girl who was so frickin’ positive about everything, she drove everyone crazy? Sure, she was a fictional character, but she made a strong impression. To this day, the word Pollyanna is synonymous with a naïve, unrealistic attitude toward life. But what if Pollyanna was right? You heard me. What if her […]

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photo: NeoGaboX on flickr

Why Affirmations Can Make Everything Worse. And What to Do About It.

Affirmations may seem all light and fluffy, but they’re not. In fact, I think they should come with a warning label. You heard me right. A warning label. Anyone who starts using affirmations – positive, present-tense statements designed to train one’s consciousness in a specific direction – should be cautioned about what they’re getting into. What would […]

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