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Photo: Nrico on flickr

How Do You Raise Your Self-Esteem?

  Dear Meli,  This may be a weird question, but aren’t spiritual seekers supposed to like themselves? I’ve been involved in a spiritual practice for a long time, and it has definitely improved my life. But sometimes it feels like my self-esteem has barely budged. I still feel really insecure, especially around people I don’t […]

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blackbass it

What the Grasshopper Has to Teach Us About Shame and Rebirth

Have you ever been misunderstood? Have you ever had someone not get you at all? Have you ever been snubbed or judged unfairly? The grasshopper knows your pain. While some insects get all the glory (cough**butterflies**cough), others are forever shunned from the Insect Hall of Fame, their little insect noses pressed against the glass while […]

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Carl Wycoff on Flikr

Healing Shame, One Traffic Ticket at a Time

What’s more fun than getting pulled over by a cop? Nothing, really. And boy howdy, did I have fun the other day! But I’m getting ahead of myself. The good times started way before my glorious interaction with the law. The fun began after my walk at Spring Lake the other morning, when I was […]

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